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   Agaricus admissus 
   Clitocybe admissa 

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31.  Gut mycobiome and its interaction with diet, gut bacteria and alzheimer's disease markers in subjects with mild cognitive impairment: A pilot study.LinkIT
Nagpal R, Neth BJ, Wang S, Mishra SP, Craft S, Yadav H
EBioMedicine, 2020

32.  Five-year cryopreservation at -80 °C of edible and medicinal basidiomycetes by wheat grain technique.LinkIT
Zaghi Junior LL, Bertéli MBD, de Freitas JDS, de Oliveira Filho OBQ, Lopes AD, Ruiz SP, do Valle JS, Linde GA, Colauto NB
Journal of microbiological methods, 2020

33.  Plant Nitrilase Homologues in Fungi: Phylogenetic and Functional Analysis with Focus on Nitrilases in Trametes versicolor and Agaricus bisporus.LinkIT
Rucká L, Kulik N, Novotný P, Sedova A, Petrásková L, P?íhodová R, K?ístková B, Halada P, Pátek M, Martínková L
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

34.  Macro-fungal (Agaricus bisporus) wastes as an adsorbent in the removal of the acid red 97 and crystal violet dyes from ideal colored effluents.LinkIT
Drumm FC, Franco DSP, Georgin J, Grassi P, Jahn SL, Dotto GL
Environmental science and pollution research international, 2020

35.  Family and species as determinants modulating mineral composition of selected wild-growing mushroom species.LinkIT
Mleczek M, Budka A, Kala? P, Siwulski M, Niedzielski P
Environmental science and pollution research international, 2020

36.  Mycoparasite Hypomyces odoratus infests Agaricus xanthodermus fruiting bodies in nature.LinkIT
Lakkireddy K, Khonsuntia W, Kües U
AMB Express, 2020

37.  The Effect of UV Irradiation on Vitamin D2 Content and Antioxidant and Antiglycation Activities of Mushrooms.LinkIT
Gallotti F, Lavelli V
Foods (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

38.  Iron biofortification and availability in the mycelial biomass of edible and medicinal basidiomycetes cultivated in sugarcane molasses.LinkIT
Scheid SS, Faria MGI, Velasquez LG, do Valle JS, Gonçalves AC, Dragunski DC, Colauto NB, Linde GA
Scientific reports, 2020

39.  Warning on False or True Morels and Button Mushrooms with Potential Toxicity Linked to Hydrazinic Toxins: An Update.LinkIT
Lagrange E, Vernoux JP
Toxins, 2020

40.  Effectiveness of current hygiene practices on minimization of Listeria monocytogenes in different mushroom production-related environments.LinkIT
Pennone V, Dygico KL, Coffey A, Gahan CGM, Grogan H, McAuliffe O, Burgess CM, Jordan K
Food science & nutrition, 2020