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   Acmella iodiscaea (maluco) 
   Spilanthes iodiscaea 

Broader Terms:
   Acmella (spotflower) 

More Specific:
   Spilanthes iodiscaea leucaena 

External Resources:

Common Names: maluco

1.  Anthelmintic activity of praziquantel and Spilanthes acmella extract on an intestinal cestode parasite.LinkIT
Lalthanpuii PB, Zokimi Z, Lalchhandama K
Acta pharmaceutica (Zagreb, Croatia), 2020

2.  Chemical composition and broad-spectrum anthelmintic activity of a cultivar of toothache plant, Acmella oleracea, from Mizoram, India.LinkIT
Lalthanpuii PB, Lalchhandama K
Pharmaceutical biology, 2020

3.  Ethnobotanical Study of Medicinal Plants Used by Traditional Healers to Treat Cancer-Like Symptoms in Eleven Districts, Ethiopia.LinkIT
Tesfaye S, Belete A, Engidawork E, Gedif T, Asres K
Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine : eCAM, 2020

4.  The Use of a New Food-Grade Lecithin Formulation of Highly Standardized Ginger (Zingiber officinale) and Acmella oleracea Extracts for the Treatment of Pain and Inflammation in a Group of Subjects with Moderate Knee Osteoarthritis.LinkIT
Rondanelli M, Riva A, Allegrini P, Faliva MA, Naso M, Peroni G, Nichetti M, Gasparri C, Spadaccini D, Iannello G, Infantino V, Fazia T, Bernardinelli L, Perna S
Journal of pain research, 2020

5.  Curcuma longa ethanol extract and Curcumin inhibit the growth of Acanthamoeba triangularis trophozoites and cysts isolated from water reservoirs at Walailak University, Thailand.LinkIT
Mitsuwan W, Bunsuwansakul C, Leonard TE, Laohaprapanon S, Hounkong K, Bunluepuech K, Kaewjai C, Mahboob T, Sumudi Raju C, Dhobi M, Pereira ML, Nawaz M, Wiart C, Siyadatpanah A, Norouzi R, Nissapatorn V
Pathogens and global health, 2020

6.  Phytochemicals screening, antioxidant capacity and chemometric characterization of four edible flowers from Brazil.LinkIT
Barros RGC, Andrade JKS, Pereira UC, de Oliveira CS, Rafaella Ribeiro Santos Rezende Y, Oliveira Matos Silva T, Pedreira Nogueira J, Carvalho Gualberto N, Caroline Santos Araujo H, Narain N
Food research international (Ottawa, Ont.), 2020

7.  Agricultural systems in Bangladesh: the first archaeobotanical results from Early Historic Wari-Bateshwar and Early Medieval Vikrampura.LinkIT
Rahman M, Castillo CC, Murphy C, Rahman SM, Fuller DQ
Archaeological and anthropological sciences, 2020

8.  Acmella oleracea for pain management.LinkIT
Rondanelli M, Fossari F, Vecchio V, Braschi V, Riva A, Allegrini P, Petrangolini G, Iannello G, Faliva MA, Peroni G, Nichetti M, Gasparri C, Spadaccini D, Infantino V, Mustafa S, Alalwan T, Perna S
Fitoterapia, 2020

9.  Acute Toxicity of the Hydroethanolic Extract of the Flowers of Acmella oleracea L. in Zebrafish (Danio rerio): Behavioral and Histopathological Studies.LinkIT
Custodio de Souza G, Dias Ribeiro da Silva I, Duarte Viana M, Costa de Melo N, Sánchez-Ortiz BL, Maia Rebelo de Oliveira M, Ramos Barbosa W, Maciel Ferreira I, Tavares Carvalho JC
Pharmaceuticals (Basel, Switzerland), 2019

10.  Anti-Trypanosoma cruzi Activity of Extracts from Argentinean Asteraceae Species.LinkIT
Selener MG, Elso O, Grosso C, Borgo J, Clavin M, Malchiodi EL, Cazorla SI, Flavia F, Sülsen VP
Iranian journal of pharmaceutical research : IJPR, 2019