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   Achnatherum robustum (sleepy grass) 
   Stipa robusta 
   Stipa viridula robusta 

Broader Terms:
   Achnatherum (needlegrass spp.) 
   Stipa (Nelson's needlegrass) 
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Achnatherum robustum

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Common Names: sleepygrass, sleepy grass

1.  First Report of Ergot (Claviceps purpurea) on Drunken Horse Grass (Achnatherum inebrians) in China.LinkIT
Zhang H, Chen T, He Y, Li C
Plant disease, 2021

2.  Comparison of electrospray ionization and atmospheric pressure photoionization liquid chromatography mass spectrometry methods for analysis of ergot alkaloids from endophyte-infected sleepygrass (Achnatherum robustum).LinkIT
Jarmusch AK, Musso AM, Shymanovich T, Jarmusch SA, Weavil MJ, Lovin ME, Ehrmann BM, Saari S, Nichols DE, Faeth SH, Cech NB
Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis, 2016

3.  Alkaloid variation among epichloid endophytes of sleepygrass (Achnatherum robustum) and consequences for resistance to insect herbivores.LinkIT
Shymanovich T, Saari S, Lovin ME, Jarmusch AK, Jarmusch SA, Musso AM, Charlton ND, Young CA, Cech NB, Faeth SH
Journal of chemical ecology, 2015

4.  Asexual endophytes in a native grass: tradeoffs in mortality, growth, reproduction, and alkaloid production.LinkIT
Faeth SH, Hayes CJ, Gardner DR
Microbial ecology, 2010

5.  Asexual endophytes and associated alkaloids alter arthropod community structure and increase herbivore abundances on a native grass.LinkIT
Jani AJ, Faeth SH, Gardner D
Ecology letters, 2010

6.  New neotyphodium endophyte species from the grass tribes stipeae and meliceae.LinkIT
Moon CD, Guillaumin JJ, Ravel C, Li C, Craven KD, Schardl CL
Mycologia, 2008

7.  Temporal and spatial variation in alkaloid levels in Achnatherum robustum, a native grass infected with the endophyte Neotyphodium.LinkIT
Faeth SH, Gardner DR, Hayes CJ, Jani A, Wittlinger SK, Jones TA
Journal of chemical ecology, 2006

8.  Alkaloids of Stipa robusta (sleepygrass) infected with an Acremonium endophyte.LinkIT
Petroski RJ, Powell RG, Clay K
Natural toxins, 1992