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   Achillea millefolia 
   Achillea millefolium (western yarrow) 
   Chamaemelum millefolium 

Broader Terms:
   Achillea (yarrow) 

More Specific:
   Achillea millefolium albiflora 
   Achillea millefolium alpicola (common yarrow) 
   Achillea millefolium arenicola (common yarrow) 
   Achillea millefolium asplenifolia 
   Achillea millefolium asplenifolium 
   Achillea millefolium aspleniifolia 
   Achillea millefolium atrotegula 
   Achillea millefolium borealis (boreal yarrow) 
   Achillea millefolium californica (California yarrow) 
   Achillea millefolium ceretanica 
   Achillea millefolium chitralensis 
   Achillea millefolium collina 
   Achillea millefolium colliniformis 
   Achillea millefolium densiloba 
   Achillea millefolium dipetala 
   Achillea millefolium discolor 
   Achillea millefolium dissecta 
   Achillea millefolium elbursensis 
   Achillea millefolium fulva 
   Achillea millefolium fusca 
   Achillea millefolium gigantea (giant yarrow) 
   Achillea millefolium gracilis 
   Achillea millefolium lanulosa 
   Achillea millefolium litoralis (coast yarrow) 
   Achillea millefolium lobata 
   Achillea millefolium manshurica 
   Achillea millefolium maritima 
   Achillea millefolium megacephala (largehead yarrow) 
   Achillea millefolium millefolium (common yarrow) 
   Achillea millefolium nigrescens (common yarrow) 
   Achillea millefolium occidentale 
   Achillea millefolium occidentalis (western yarrow) 
   Achillea millefolium pacifica (Pacific yarrow) 
   Achillea millefolium pallidotegula 
   Achillea millefolium pannomica 
   Achillea millefolium pannonica 
   Achillea millefolium parviligula 
   Achillea millefolium parviligulata 
   Achillea millefolium parvula 
   Achillea millefolium pineticola 
   Achillea millefolium puberula (common yarrow) 
   Achillea millefolium purpureum 
   Achillea millefolium rhodantha 
   Achillea millefolium rosea 
   Achillea millefolium roseiflora 
   Achillea millefolium roseoides 
   Achillea millefolium rubicunda 
   Achillea millefolium russeolata 
   Achillea millefolium spathulata 
   Achillea millefolium submillefolium 
   Achillea millefolium sudecita (yarrow) 
   Achillea millefolium sudetica 
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Achillea millefolium borealis

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Common Names: common yarrow, plumajillo, coada şoricelului, carpenter's weed, western yarrow, bloodwort, milfoil, tysjačelistnik obyknovennyj, hierba de las cortaduras, yarrow (common), Rölleka, yarrow, тысячелистник обыкновенный, röllika

1.  Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles and their applications as an alternative antibacterial and antioxidant agents.LinkIT
Yousaf H, Mehmood A, Ahmad KS, Raffi M
Materials science & engineering. C, Materials for biological applications, 2020

2.  In vitro anthelmintic activity assessment of six medicinal plant aqueous extracts against donkey strongyles.LinkIT
Buza V, C?tan? L, Andrei SM, ?tef?nu? LC, R?ileanu ?, Matei MC, Vlasiuc I, Cernea M
Journal of helminthology, 2020

3.  Cytotoxicity and Anti-cancer Activity of the Genus Achillea L.LinkIT
Papakosta K, Grafakou ME, Barda C, Kostopoulos IV, Tsitsilonis O, Skaltsa H
Current medicinal chemistry, 2020

4.  Hydroalcoholic extract of Achillea millefolium improved blood glucose, liver enzymes and lipid profile compared to metformin in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats.LinkIT
Rezaei S, Ashkar F, Koohpeyma F, Mahmoodi M, Gholamalizadeh M, Mazloom Z, Doaei S
Lipids in health and disease, 2020

5.  Identification of Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid 3 Antagonists from Achillea alpina L. and Separation by Liquid-Liquid-Refining Extraction and High-Speed Counter-Current Chromatography.LinkIT
Sun SW, Wang RR, Sun XY, Fan JH, Qi H, Liu Y, Qin GQ, Wang W
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

6.  Valorization of Yarrow (Achillea millefolium L.) By-Product through Application of Subcritical Water Extraction.LinkIT
Vladi? J, Jakovljevi? M, Molnar M, Vidovi? S, Tomi? M, Drini? Z, Joki? S
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

7.  [Survey of anxiolytic drug dependence in patients treated in psychiatric and addiction rehabilitation wards].LinkIT
Tóth V, Molnár B, Gazdag G
Orvosi hetilap, 2020

8.  Management of Strawberry Anthracnose Using Plant Essential Oils as Bio-fungicides, and Evaluation of Their Effects on Quality of Strawberry Fruit.LinkIT
Hosseni S, Amini J, Rafei JN, Khorshidi J
Journal of oleo science, 2020

9.  Achillea Wilhelmsii C. KochHydroalcoholic Extract Induces Apoptosis and Alters LIN28B and p53 Gene Expression in Hela Cervical Cancer Cells.LinkIT
Rezai M, Saravani R, Sargazi S, Moudi M, Jafari Shahroudi M, Saravani R
Reports of biochemistry & molecular biology, 2019

10.  Antiproliferative Activity of Hypericum perforatum, Achillea millefolium, and Aloe vera in Interaction with the Prostatic Activity of CD82.LinkIT
Hosseini MS, Hosseini F, Ahmadi A, Mozafari M, Amjadi I
Reports of biochemistry & molecular biology, 2019