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   Acetobacter aceti orleanensis 
   Acetobacter orleanensis 

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   Acetobacter aceti 
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91.  Acidophilic adaptations in the structure of Acetobacter aceti N5-carboxyaminoimidazole ribonucleotide mutase (PurE).LinkIT
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92.  Enhanced expression of aconitase raises acetic acid resistance in Acetobacter aceti.LinkIT
Nakano S, Fukaya M, Horinouchi S
FEMS microbiology letters, 2004

93.  Structural changes in the cells of some bacteria during population growth: a Fourier transform infrared-attenuated total reflectance study.LinkIT
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94.  Growth characteristics and oxidative capacity of Acetobacter aceti IFO 3281: implications for L-ribulose production.LinkIT
Kylmä AK, Granström T, Leisola M
Applied microbiology and biotechnology, 2004

95.  Application of molecular methods for the differentiation of acetic acid bacteria in a red wine fermentation.LinkIT
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96.  Overexpression of the ATP-dependent helicase RecG improves resistance to weak organic acids in Escherichia coli.LinkIT
Steiner P, Sauer U
Applied microbiology and biotechnology, 2003

97.  Long-term continuous evolution of acetate resistant Acetobacter aceti.LinkIT
Steiner P, Sauer U
Biotechnology and bioengineering, 2003

98.  Fermentability of grape must after inhibition with dimethyl dicarbonate (DMDC).LinkIT
Delfini C, Gaia P, Schellino R, Strano M, Pagliara A, Ambrò S
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99.  Re-examination of the genus Acetobacter, with descriptions of Acetobacter cerevisiae sp. nov. and Acetobacter malorum sp. nov.LinkIT
Cleenwerck I, Vandemeulebroecke K, Janssens D, Swings J
International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology, 2002

100.  Systematic study of the genus Acetobacter with descriptions of Acetobacter indonesiensis sp. nov., Acetobacter tropicalis sp. nov., Acetobacter orleanensis (Henneberg 1906) comb. nov., Acetobacter lovaniensis (Frateur 1950) comb. nov., and Acetobacter estunensis (Carr 1958) comb. nov.LinkIT
Lisdiyanti P, Kawasaki H, Seki T, Yamada Y, Uchimura T, Komagata K
The Journal of general and applied microbiology, 2000