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   Acaulon integrifolium 

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   Acaulon (acaulon moss) 
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1.  Volatile Compositions and Antifungal Activities of Native American Medicinal Plants: Focus on the Asteraceae.LinkIT
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3.  Chemical Composition, Phytotoxic, Antimicrobial and Insecticidal Activity of the Essential Oils of Dracocephalum integrifolium.LinkIT
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4.  Functional characterization of chitin-binding lectin from Solanum integrifolium containing anti-fungal and insecticidal activities.LinkIT
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5.  Plant-Herbivore and Plant-Pollinator Interactions of the Developing Perennial Oilseed Crop, Silphium integrifolium.LinkIT
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10.  Anti-inflammatory effect and mechanism of the green fruit extract of Solanum integrifolium Poir.LinkIT
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