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   Acanthodiacrodium mamillatum 

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1.  Species of Pythium Associated with Seedling Root and Hypocotyl Disease on Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) in Western Australia.LinkIT
Li YP, You MP, Barbetti MJ
Plant disease, 2014

2.  Pythium spp. Associated with Rooibos Seedlings, and Their Pathogenicity Toward Rooibos, Lupin, and Oat.LinkIT
Bahramisharif A, Lamprecht SC, Spies CFJ, Botha WJ, Calitz FJ, McLeod A
Plant disease, 2014

3.  Suppression of Pythium and Phytophthora Damping-Off of Rooibos by Compost and a Combination of Compost and Nonpathogenic Pythium Taxa.LinkIT
Bahramisharif A, Lamprecht SC, Calitz F, McLeod A
Plant disease, 2013

4.  Pathogenicity and Virulence of Pythium Species Obtained from Forest Nursery Soils on Douglas-Fir Seedlings.LinkIT
Weiland JE, Beck BR, Davis A
Plant disease, 2013

5.  Influence of Isolation Method on Recovery of Pythium Species from Forest Nursery Soils in Oregon and Washington.LinkIT
Weiland JE
Plant disease, 2011

6.  Seed dispersal and establishment of endangered plants on Oceanic Islands: the Janzen-Connell model, and the use of ecological analogues.LinkIT
Hansen DM, Kaiser CN, Müller CB
PloS one, 2008

7.  A new species of Pythium with ornamented oogonia: morphology, taxonomy, internal transcribed spacer region of its ribosomal RNA, and its comparison with related species.LinkIT
Paul B, Bala K, Lassaad B, Calmin G, Sanchez-Hernandez E, Lefort F
FEMS microbiology letters, 2006

8.  Bacillus isolates from the spermosphere of peas and dwarf French beans with antifungal activity against Botrytis cinerea and Pythium species.LinkIT
Walker R, Powell AA, Seddon B
Journal of applied microbiology, 1998

9.  Differential isolatoion of Pythium species from soil by means of selective media,temperature, and pH.LinkIT
Lunsden RD, Ayers WA, Dow RL
Canadian journal of microbiology, 1975