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   Acacia farnesiana (mimosa) 
   Acacia farnesiana farnesiana 
   Mimosa farnesiana 
   Poponax farnesiana 
   Vachellia farnesiana 

Broader Terms:
   Acacia (acacia) 
   Mimosa (sensitive plant) 

More Specific:
   Acacia farnesiana atramentaria 
   Acacia farnesiana brachicarpa 
   Acacia farnesiana brachycarpa 
   Acacia farnesiana cavenia 
   Acacia farnesiana farnesiana 
   Acacia farnesiana guanacastensis 
   Acacia farnesiana heterocarpa 
   Acacia farnesiana lenticellata 
   Acacia farnesiana minuta 
   Acacia farnesiana pedunculata 
   Acacia farnesiana pinetorum 
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Isolation, characterization and mode of antimicrobial action against Vib... - Latest Issue of Journal of Applied Microbiology

Mimosa farnesiana
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Common Names: Cassie Flower, Acacia Jaune, Acacia Odorant, Aroma Amarilla, texas huisache, Aroma, Esponjeira, Epinard, Æpinard, Ban Baburi, Prickly Moses, Carambomba, Cambr¢n, Aromo, popinac, klu, mimosa, Cassie Jaune, Bayahonda, CujÁ Aroma, Cassis Commun, kandaroma, Klu bush, esponja, Espino Blanco ....

21.  Plant water use characteristics of five dominant shrub species of the Lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas, USA: implications for shrubland restoration and conservation.LinkIT
Adhikari A, White JD
Conservation physiology, 2014

22.  Immunochemical characterization of acacia pollen allergens and evaluation of cross-reactivity pattern with the common allergenic pollens.LinkIT
Shamsbiranvand MH, Khodadadi A, Assarehzadegan MA, Borsi SH, Amini A
Journal of allergy, 2014

23.  Isolation, characterization and mode of antimicrobial action against Vibrio cholerae of methyl gallate isolated from Acacia farnesiana.LinkIT
Sánchez E, Heredia N, Camacho-Corona Mdel R, García S
Journal of applied microbiology, 2013

24.  Molecular modeling of lectin-like protein from Acacia farnesiana reveals a possible anti-inflammatory mechanism in Carrageenan-induced inflammation.LinkIT
Abrantes VE, Matias da Rocha BA, Batista da Nóbrega R, Silva-Filho JC, Teixeira CS, Cavada BS, Gadelha CA, Ferreira SH, Figueiredo JG, Santi-Gadelha T, Delatorre P
BioMed research international, 2013

25.  Benzo(a)pyrene-induced pulmonary inflammation, edema, surfactant dysfunction, and injuries in rats: alleviation by farnesol.LinkIT
Qamar W, Khan AQ, Khan R, Lateef A, Tahir M, Rehman MU, Ali F, Sultana S
Experimental lung research, 2012

26.  Extracts of edible and medicinal plants in inhibition of growth, adherence, and cytotoxin production of?Campylobacter jejuni?and?Campylobacter coli.LinkIT
Castillo SL, Heredia N, Contreras JF, García S
Journal of food science, 2011

27.  Extracts of edible and medicinal plants damage membranes of Vibrio cholerae.LinkIT
Sánchez E, García S, Heredia N
Applied and environmental microbiology, 2010

28.  Glucanases and chitinases as causal agents in the protection of Acacia extrafloral nectar from infestation by phytopathogens.LinkIT
González-Teuber M, Pozo MJ, Muck A, Svatos A, Adame-Alvarez RM, Heil M
Plant physiology, 2010

29.  Huizache (Acacia farnesiana) whole pods (flesh and seeds) as an alternative feed for sheep in Mexico.LinkIT
García-Winder LR, Goñi-Cedeño S, Olguín-Lara PA, Díaz-Salgado G, Arriaga-Jordán CM
Tropical animal health and production, 2009

30.  Natural abundances of 15N and 13C in leaves of some N2-fixing and non-N2-fixing trees and shrubs in Syria.LinkIT
Kurdali F, Al-Shamma'a M
Isotopes in environmental and health studies, 2009