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   Gobiidae (gobies) 

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   Abranches pinto 

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91.  Transcriptome analysis reveals that ClpXP proteolysis controls key virulence properties of Streptococcus mutans.LinkIT
Kajfasz JK, Abranches J, Lemos JA
Microbiology (Reading, England), 2011

92.  Antioxidant vitamins and cytokines are altered in breast cancer.LinkIT
Abranches MV, Mendes MC, Pena Gd, Maia YC, Ribeiro SM, Franceschini Sdo C, de Paula SO, de Freitas RN, Peluzio MC
European journal of cancer prevention : the official journal of the European Cancer Prevention Organisation (ECP), 2011

93.  Grape extract and ?-Tocopherol effect in cardiovascular disease model of Apo E -/- Mice.LinkIT
Peluzio Mdo C, Teixeira TF, Oliveira VP, Sabarense CM, Dias CM, Abranches MV, Maldonado IR
Acta cirurgica brasileira, 2011

94.  Analysis of the influence of pasteurization, freezing/thawing, and offer processes on human milk's macronutrient concentrations.LinkIT
Vieira AA, Soares FV, Pimenta HP, Abranches AD, Moreira ME
Early human development, 2011

95.  The collagen-binding protein Cnm is required for Streptococcus mutans adherence to and intracellular invasion of human coronary artery endothelial cells.LinkIT
Abranches J, Miller JH, Martinez AR, Simpson-Haidaris PJ, Burne RA, Lemos JA
Infection and immunity, 2011

96.  [The (in)visibility of psychological family violence in childhood and adolescence].LinkIT
Abranches CD, Assis SG
Cadernos de saude publica, 2011

97.  clpB, a class III heat-shock gene regulated by CtsR, is involved in thermotolerance and virulence of Enterococcus faecalis.LinkIT
de Oliveira NEM, Abranches J, Gaca AO, Laport MS, Damaso CR, Bastos MDCF, Lemos JA, Giambiagi-deMarval M
Microbiology (Reading, England), 2011

98.  Transcriptome analysis of LuxS-deficient Streptococcus mutans grown in biofilms.LinkIT
Wen ZT, Nguyen AH, Bitoun JP, Abranches J, Baker HV, Burne RA
Molecular oral microbiology, 2011

99.  Characterization of the Streptococcus sobrinus acid-stress response by interspecies microarrays and proteomics.LinkIT
Martinez AR, Abranches J, Kajfasz JK, Lemos JA
Molecular oral microbiology, 2010

100.  Protocols to study the physiology of oral biofilms.LinkIT
Lemos JA, Abranches J, Koo H, Marquis RE, Burne RA
Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.), 2010