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Abra alba

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1.  Experimental Assessment of the Effects of Temperature and Food Availability on Particle Mixing by the Bivalve Abra alba Using New Image Analysis Techniques.LinkIT
Bernard G, Duchêne JC, Romero-Ramirez A, Lecroart P, Maire O, Ciutat A, Deflandre B, Grémare A
PloS one, 2016

2.  Short-term impact of deep sand extraction and ecosystem-based landscaping on macrozoobenthos and sediment characteristics.LinkIT
de Jong MF, Baptist MJ, Lindeboom HJ, Hoekstra P
Marine pollution bulletin, 2015

3.  Taxonomic diversity and structure of the molluscan fauna in Oualidia lagoon (Moroccan Atlantic coast).LinkIT
El Asri F, Zidane H, Maanan M, Tamsouri M, Errhif A
Environmental monitoring and assessment, 2015

4.  Temporal dynamics in a shallow coastal benthic food web: Insights from fatty acid biomarkers and their stable isotopes.LinkIT
Braeckman U, Provoost P, Sabbe K, Soetaert K, Middelburg JJ, Vincx M, Vanaverbeke J
Marine environmental research, 2015

5.  Prosorhynchoides borealis Bartoli, Gibson & Bray, 2006 (Digenea: Bucephalidae) cercariae from Abra prismatica (Mollusca: Bivalvia) in Icelandic waters.LinkIT
Eydal M, Freeman MA, Kristmundsson Á, Bambir SH, Jónsson PM, Helgason S
Journal of helminthology, 2013

6.  Biological vs. physical mixing effects on benthic food web dynamics.LinkIT
Braeckman U, Provoost P, Moens T, Soetaert K, Middelburg JJ, Vincx M, Vanaverbeke J
PloS one, 2011

7.  Carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes in coastal benthic populations under multiple organic enrichment sources.LinkIT
Sampaio L, Rodrigues AM, Quintino V
Marine pollution bulletin, 2010

8.  Coastal sediments under the influence of multiple organic enrichment sources: An evaluation using carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes.LinkIT
Sampaio L, Freitas R, Máguas C, Rodrigues A, Quintino V
Marine pollution bulletin, 2010

9.  Consequences of spring phytodetritus sedimentation on the benthic compartment along a depth gradient in the Eastern English Channel.LinkIT
Denis L, Desroy N
Marine pollution bulletin, 2008

10.  The macrobenthic community along a mercury contamination in a temperate estuarine system (Ria de Aveiro, Portugal).LinkIT
Nunes M, Coelho JP, Cardoso PG, Pereira ME, Duarte AC, Pardal MA
The Science of the total environment, 2008