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   Abiotrophia elegans 
   Granulicatella elegans 

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1.  The bacteriome of otitis media with effusion: Does it originate from the adenoid?LinkIT
Ari O, Karabudak S, Kalcioglu MT, Gunduz AY, Durmaz R
International journal of pediatric otorhinolaryngology, 2019

2.  Infective endocarditis due to Granulicatella elegans presenting with musculoskeletal symptoms.LinkIT
Farid S, Esquer Garrigos Z, Sohail MR
BMJ case reports, 2019

3.  In vitro antimicrobial activity against Abiotrophia defectiva and Granulicatella elegans biofilms.LinkIT
Gonzalez Moreno M, Wang L, De Masi M, Winkler T, Trampuz A, Di Luca M
The Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy, 2019

4.  Cariogenic microbiome and microbiota of the early primary dentition: A contemporary overview.LinkIT
Fakhruddin KS, Ngo HC, Samaranayake LP
Oral diseases, 2019

5.  Antimicrobial Susceptibilities of Oral Isolates of Abiotrophia and Granulicatella According to the Consensus Guidelines for Fastidious Bacteria.LinkIT
Kanamoto T, Terakubo S, Nakashima H
Medicines (Basel, Switzerland), 2018

6.  Bacterial diversity of artisanal cheese from the Amazonian region of Brazil during the dry and rainy seasons.LinkIT
Martins MCF, Freitas R, Deuvaux JC, Eller MR, Nero LA, Carvalho AF
Food research international (Ottawa, Ont.), 2018

7.  [Changes of oral bacteria flora after wearing complete denture].LinkIT
Yu WQ, Tian F, Guo XK, Zhang FQ, Ye DX
Shanghai kou qiang yi xue = Shanghai journal of stomatology, 2018

8.  Cytokine induction of peripheral blood mononuclear cells by biofilms and biofilm supernatants of Granulicatella and Abiotrophia spp.LinkIT
Bhardwaj RG, Al-Khabbaz A, Karched M
Microbial pathogenesis, 2018

9.  An unusual case of thoracic empyema caused by Granulicatella elegans (nutritionally variant streptococci) in a patient with pulmonary tuberculosis and human immunodeficiency virus infection.LinkIT
Mvelase NR, Marajh K, Hattingh O, Mlisana KP
JMM case reports, 2016

10.  Erratum for Alberti et al., Antimicrobial Susceptibilities of Abiotrophia defectiva, Granulicatella adiacens, and Granulicatella elegans.LinkIT
Alberti MO, Hindler JA, Humphries RM
Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy, 2016