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   Abiotrophia balaenopterae 
   Granulicatella balaenopterae 

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1.  Granulicatella and Abiotrophia species from human clinical specimens.LinkIT
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Journal of clinical microbiology, 2001

2.  Genetic heterogeneities and phenotypic characteristics of strains of the genus Abiotrophia and proposal of Abiotrophia para-adiacens sp. nov.LinkIT
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3.  The genus Abiotrophia (Kawamura et al.) is not monophyletic: proposal of Granulicatella gen. nov., Granulicatella adiacens comb. nov., Granulicatella elegans comb. nov. and Granulicatella balaenopterae comb. nov.LinkIT
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4.  Serological properties of Abiotrophia and Granulicatella species (nutritionally variant streptococci).LinkIT
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5.  Abiotrophia balaenopterae sp. nov., isolated from the minke whale (Balaenoptera acutorostrata).LinkIT
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International journal of systematic bacteriology, 1999