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   Oreosomatidae (oreos) 

   Oreosomatidae (warty dories) 

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   Zeiformes (boarfishes) 

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1.  Nanosatellites for Biology in Space: In Situ Measurement of Bacillus subtilis Spore Germination and Growth after 6 Months in Low Earth Orbit on the O/OREOS Mission.LinkIT
Nicholson WL, Ricco AJ
Life (Basel, Switzerland), 2019

2.  Negative affect is associated with increased stress-eating for women with high perceived life stress.LinkIT
Klatzkin RR, Dasani R, Warren M, Cattaneo C, Nadel T, Nikodem C, Kissileff HR
Physiology & behavior, 2019

3.  Food-induced reinforcement is abrogated by the genetic deletion of the MT1 or MT2 melatonin receptor in C3H/HeN mice.LinkIT
Clough SJ, Hudson RL, Dubocovich ML
Behavioural brain research, 2018

4.  Diets of deepwater oreos (Oreosomatidae) and orange roughy Hoplostethus atlanticus.LinkIT
Forman JS, Horn PL, Stevens DW
Journal of fish biology, 2016

5.  The Organism/Organic Exposure to Orbital Stresses (O/OREOS) satellite: radiation exposure in low-earth orbit and supporting laboratory studies of iron tetraphenylporphyrin chloride.LinkIT
Cook AM, Mattioda AL, Ricco AJ, Quinn RC, Elsaesser A, Ehrenfreund P, Ricca A, Jones NC, Hoffmann SV
Astrobiology, 2014

6.  Co-sensitivity to the incentive properties of palatable food and cocaine in rats; implications for co-morbid addictions.LinkIT
Levy A, Salamon A, Tucci M, Limebeer CL, Parker LA, Leri F
Addiction biology, 2013

7.  Oreos, Big Gulps, and nicotine: legal challenges to government lifestyle interventions.LinkIT
Blake V
The virtual mentor : VM, 2013

8.  The O/OREOS mission: first science data from the space environment viability of organics (SEVO) payload.LinkIT
Mattioda A, Cook A, Ehrenfreund P, Quinn R, Ricco AJ, Squires D, Bramall N, Bryson K, Chittenden J, Minelli G, Agasid E, Allamandola L, Beasley C, Burton R, Defouw G, Diaz-Aguado M, Fonda M, Friedericks C, Kitts C, Landis D, McIntyre M, Neumann M, Rasay M, Ricks R, Salama F, Santos O, Schooley A, Yost B, Young A
Astrobiology, 2012

9.  The O/OREOS mission: first science data from the Space Environment Survivability of Living Organisms (SESLO) payload.LinkIT
Nicholson WL, Ricco AJ, Agasid E, Beasley C, Diaz-Aguado M, Ehrenfreund P, Friedericks C, Ghassemieh S, Henschke M, Hines JW, Kitts C, Luzzi E, Ly D, Mai N, Mancinelli R, McIntyre M, Minelli G, Neumann M, Parra M, Piccini M, Rasay RM, Ricks R, Santos O, Schooley A, Squires D, Timucin L, Yost B, Young A
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10.  Acoustic remote sensing of swimbladder orientation and species mix in the oreo population on the Chatham Rise.LinkIT
Coombs RF, Barr R
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 2004