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   Dacrycarpus (dacrycarpus) 


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   Dacrycarpus acutifolius 
   Dacrycarpus arcuatus 
   Dacrycarpus cinctus 
   Dacrycarpus compactus 
   Dacrycarpus crenulatus 
   Dacrycarpus cumingii 
   Dacrycarpus cupressiformis 
   Dacrycarpus dacrydiifolia 
   Dacrycarpus dacrydiifolius 
   Dacrycarpus dacrydioides (kahika) 
   Dacrycarpus expansus 
   Dacrycarpus imbricatus 
   Dacrycarpus imbricatus curvulus 
   Dacrycarpus imbricatus imbricatus 
   Dacrycarpus imbricatus patulus 
   Dacrycarpus imbricatus robustus 
   Dacrycarpus involutus 
   Dacrycarpus kawaii 
   Dacrycarpus kinabaluensis 
   Dacrycarpus lanceolatus 
   Dacrycarpus leptophylla 
   Dacrycarpus leptophyllus 
   Dacrycarpus linearis 
   Dacrycarpus linifolius 
   Dacrycarpus mucronatus 
   Dacrycarpus papuana 
   Dacrycarpus steupii 
   Dacrycarpus veillardii 
   Dacrycarpus vieillardii 
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Common Names: dacrycarpus

1.  Anti-proliferative diterpenes from Dacrycarpus imbricatus.LinkIT
Tam NT, Quan TD, Hau DV, Hoang Anh NT, Tran TTT, Sa NH, Thien DD, Nhung LTH, Phong DT, Adorisio S, Delfino DV, Thuy TT
Natural product research, 2019

2.  A new 12,17-cyclo-labdane diterpenoid from the twigs of Dacrycarpus imbricatus.LinkIT
Yang Z, Wang Q, Peng W, Zhan R, Chen Y
Natural product research, 2018

3.  20-Hydroxyecdysone from Dacrycarpus imbricatus bark inhibits the proliferation of acute myeloid leukemia cells.LinkIT
Thuy TT, Tam NT, Anh NT, Hau DV, Phong DT, Thang LQ, Adorisio S, Van Sung T, Delfino DV
Asian Pacific journal of tropical medicine, 2017

4.  Rainforest conifers of Eocene Patagonia: attached cones and foliage of the extant Southeast Asian and Australasian genus Dacrycarpus (Podocarpaceae).LinkIT
Wilf P
American journal of botany, 2012

5.  Diversity and distribution of fungal foliar endophytes in New Zealand Podocarpaceae.LinkIT
Joshee S, Paulus BC, Park D, Johnston PR
Mycological research, 2009

6.  Molecular cytogenetic analysis of Podocarpus and comparison with other gymnosperm species.LinkIT
Murray BG, Friesen N, Heslop-Harrison JS
Annals of botany, 2002

7.  Wettable and unsinkable: the hydrodynamics of saccate pollen grains in relation to the pollination mechanism in the two New Zealand species of Prumnopitys Phil. (Podocarpaceae).LinkIT
Salter J, Murray BG, Braggins JE
Annals of botany, 2002

8.  Increases in water potential gradient reduce xylem conductivity in whole plants. Evidence from a low-pressure conductivity method.LinkIT
Brodribb TJ, Hill RS
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9.  The phylogenetic positions of the conifer genera Amentotaxus Phyllocladus, and Nageia inferred from 18S rRNA sequences.LinkIT
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Journal of molecular evolution, 1995