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   Zalerion xylestrix 

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1.  Diversity of marine fungi associated with wood baits in the estuary Ria de Aveiro, with descriptions of Paralulworthia halima, comb. nov., Remispora submersa, sp. nov., and Zalerion pseudomaritima, sp. nov.LinkIT
Gonçalves MFM, Abreu AC, Hilário S, Alves A
Mycologia, 2021

2.  Biodegradation of polyethylene microplastics by the marine fungus Zalerion maritimum.LinkIT
Paço A, Duarte K, da Costa JP, Santos PSM, Pereira R, Pereira ME, Freitas AC, Duarte AC, Rocha-Santos TAP
The Science of the total environment, 2017

3.  Lulworthia atlantica: a new species supported by molecular phylogeny and morphological analysis.LinkIT
Azevedo E, Barata M, Marques MI, Caeiro MF
Mycologia, 2017

4.  Hybridization of an ITS-based macroarray with ITS community probes for characterization of complex communities of fungi and fungal-like protists.LinkIT
Izzo AD, Mazzola M
Mycological research, 2009

5.  Cryptocandin, a potent antimycotic from the endophytic fungus Cryptosporiopsis cf. quercina.LinkIT
Strobel GA, Miller RV, Martinez-Miller C, Condron MM, Teplow DB, Hess WM
Microbiology (Reading, England), 1999

6.  Isolation and sequence analysis of the cDNA encoding delta 1-pyrroline-5-carboxylate reductase from Zalerion arboricola.LinkIT
Kelly R, Register E
Gene, 1996

7.  Heterologous transformation of Zalerion arboricola.LinkIT
Kelly R, Register E, Sosa M
Current genetics, 1994

8.  Pneumocandin D0, a new antifungal agent and potent inhibitor of Pneumocystis carinii.LinkIT
Morris SA, Schwartz RE, Sesin DF, Masurekar P, Hallada TC, Schmatz DM, Bartizal K, Hensens OD, Zink DL
The Journal of antibiotics, 1994

9.  Improvement in the titer of echinocandin-type antibiotics: a magnesium-limited medium supporting the biphasic production of pneumocandins A0 and B0.LinkIT
Tkacz JS, Giacobbe RA, Monaghan RL
Journal of industrial microbiology, 1993

10.  Pneumocandins from Zalerion arboricola. IV. Biological evaluation of natural and semisynthetic pneumocandins for activity against Pneumocystis carinii and Candida species.LinkIT
Schmatz DM, Abruzzo G, Powles MA, McFadden DC, Balkovec JM, Black RM, Nollstadt K, Bartizal K
The Journal of antibiotics, 1992