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   Xanthophyta (yellow-green algae) 

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Common Names: yellow-green algae, Xanthophytes

1.  Annotated Genome Sequence of the High-Biomass-Producing Yellow-Green Alga Tribonema minus.LinkIT
Mahan KM, Polle JEW, McKie-Krisberg Z, Lipzen A, Kuo A, Grigoriev IV, Lane TW, Davis AK
Microbiology resource announcements, 2021

2.  Annual Cycle of Mat-Forming Filamentous Alga Tribonema cf. minus (Stramenopiles, Xanthophyceae) in Hydro-Terrestrial Habitats in the High Arctic Revealed By Multiparameter Fluorescent Staining.LinkIT
Jimel M, Kvíderová J, Elster J
Journal of phycology, 2021

3.  Distribution of Chromophytic Phytoplankton in the Eddy-Induced Upwelling Region of the West Pacific Ocean Revealed Using rbcL Genes.LinkIT
Pujari L, Narale D, Kan J, Wu C, Zhang G, Ding C, Li L, Sun J
Frontiers in microbiology, 2021

4.  Multigene Phylogeny, Morphological Observation and Re-examination of the Literature Lead to the Description of the Phaeosacciophyceae Classis Nova and Four New Species of the Heterokontophyta SI Clade.LinkIT
Graf L, Yang EC, Han KY, K√ľpper FC, Benes KM, Oyadomari JK, Herbert RJH, Verbruggen H, Wetherbee R, Andersen RA, Yoon HS
Protist, 2020

5.  Lipid Dependence of Xanthophyll Cycling in Higher Plants and Algae.LinkIT
Goss R, Latowski D
Frontiers in plant science, 2020

6.  Light harvesting complexes in chlorophyll c-containing algae.LinkIT
B√ľchel C
Biochimica et biophysica acta. Bioenergetics, 2020

7.  Diversity and Spatial Distribution of Chromophytic Phytoplankton in the Bay of Bengal Revealed by RuBisCO Genes (rbcL).LinkIT
Pujari L, Wu C, Kan J, Li N, Wang X, Zhang G, Shang X, Wang M, Zhou C, Sun J
Frontiers in microbiology, 2019

8.  Impacts of nonpoint source pollutants on microbial community in rain gardens.LinkIT
Hong J, Geronimo FK, Choi H, Kim LH
Chemosphere, 2018

9.  Biological Soil Crusts of Arctic Svalbard-Water Availability as Potential Controlling Factor for Microalgal Biodiversity.LinkIT
Borchhardt N, Baum C, Mikhailyuk T, Karsten U
Frontiers in microbiology, 2017

10.  Control of cytokinin and auxin homeostasis in cyanobacteria and algae.LinkIT
?i?kov√° E, Kube? M, Dobrev PI, P?ibyl P, ?imura J, Zahajsk√° L, Z√°vesk√° Dr√°bkov√° L, Nov√°k O, Motyka V
Annals of botany, 2017