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1.  A new carcharodontosaurian theropod dinosaur occupies apex predator niche in the early Late Cretaceous of Uzbekistan.LinkIT
Tanaka K, Anvarov OUO, Zelenitsky DK, Ahmedshaev AS, Kobayashi Y
Royal Society open science, 2021

2.  A tyrannosauroid metatarsus from the Merchantville Formation of Delaware increases the diversity of non-tyrannosaurid tyrannosauroids on Appalachia.LinkIT
Brownstein CD
PeerJ, 2017

3.  Multivariate and Cladistic Analyses of Isolated Teeth Reveal Sympatry of Theropod Dinosaurs in the Late Jurassic of Northern Germany.LinkIT
Gerke O, Wings O
PloS one, 2016

4.  New tyrannosaur from the mid-Cretaceous of Uzbekistan clarifies evolution of giant body sizes and advanced senses in tyrant dinosaurs.LinkIT
Brusatte SL, Averianov A, Sues HD, Muir A, Butler IB
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2016

5.  The dentary of Australovenator wintonensis (Theropoda, Megaraptoridae); implications for megaraptorid dentition.LinkIT
White MA, Bell PR, Cook AG, Poropat SF, Elliott DA
PeerJ, 2015

6.  First ceratosaurian dinosaur from Australia.LinkIT
Fitzgerald EM, Carrano MT, Holland T, Wagstaff BE, Pickering D, Rich TH, Vickers-Rich P
Die Naturwissenschaften, 2012

7.  New evidence of feathers in the Crato Formation supporting a reappraisal on the presence of Aves.LinkIT
SayĆ£o JM, Saraiva AA, Uejima AM
Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciencias, 2011

8.  Variation, variability, and the origin of the avian endocranium: insights from the anatomy of Alioramus altai (Theropoda: Tyrannosauroidea).LinkIT
Bever GS, Brusatte SL, Balanoff AM, Norell MA
PloS one, 2011

9.  A longirostrine tyrannosauroid from the Early Cretaceous of China.LinkIT
Li D, Norell MA, Gao KQ, Smith ND, Makovicky PJ
Proceedings. Biological sciences, 2010

10.  The first definitive carcharodontosaurid (Dinosauria: Theropoda) from Asia and the delayed ascent of tyrannosaurids.LinkIT
Brusatte SL, Benson RB, Chure DJ, Xu X, Sullivan C, Hone DW
Die Naturwissenschaften, 2009