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Broader Terms:
   Aves (birds) 
   Passeriformes (perching birds) 

More Specific:
   Aphanotriccus audax (Black-billed Flycatcher) 
   Aphanotriccus capitalis (Tawny-chested Flycatcher) 
   Attila spadiceus (Bright-rumped Attila) 
   Camptostoma (beardless-tyrannulets) 
   Camptostoma imberbe (Northern Beardless Tyrannulet) 
   Camptostoma obsoletum (Southern Beardless Tyrannulet) 
   Capsiempis flaveola (Yellow Tyrannulet) 
   Cnipodectes subbrunneus (Brownish Flycatcher) 
   Colonia colonus (Long-tailed Tyrant) 
   Conopias albovittata (White-ringed Flycatcher) 
   Contopus (pewees) 
   Contopus caribaeus (greater antillean pewee) 
   Contopus cinereus (Tropical Pewee) 
   Contopus cooperi (olive-sided flycatcher) 
   Contopus hispaniolensis (Hispaniolan Pewee) 
   Contopus latirostris (Porto Rico large-billed wood pewee) 
   Contopus lugubris (Dark Pewee) 
   Contopus ochraceus (Ochraceous Pewee) 
   Contopus pallidus (Jamaican Pewee) 
   Contopus pertinax (José Maria) 
   Contopus sordidulus (western wood-pewee) 
   Contopus virens (Eastern Wood-Pewee) 
   Deltarhynchus flammulatus (Flammulated Flycatcher) 
   Elaenia (elaenias) 
   Elaenia chiriquensis (Lesser Elaenia) 
   Elaenia fallax (Greater Antillean Elaenia) 
   Elaenia flavogaster (Yellow-bellied Elaenia) 
   Elaenia frantzii (Mountain Elaenia) 
   Elaenia martinica (Caribbean Elaenia) 
   Empidonax (empidonax flycatchers) 
   Empidonax affinis (Pine Flycatcher) 
   Empidonax albigularis (White-throated Flycatcher) 
   Empidonax alnorum (traill's flycatcher) 
   Empidonax atriceps (Black-capped Flycatcher) 
   Empidonax difficilis (Western Flycatcher) 
   Empidonax flavescens (Yellowish Flycatcher) 
   Empidonax flaviventris (yellow-bellied flycatcher) 
   Empidonax fulvifrons (fulvous flycatcher) 
   Empidonax hammondii (hammond's flycatcher) 
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Common Names: tyrans gobe-mouches, tyrant flycatchers, Tyrant Flycatchers and Allies, Tyranovití

1.  New feather mites of the Nycteridocaulus generic group (Acariformes: Proctophyllodidae) from passerines (Passeriformes) in Panama.LinkIT
Mironov SV, Bermúdez S
Systematic parasitology, 2021

2.  Uniform Manifold Approximation and Projection for Clustering Taxa through Vocalizations in a Neotropical Passerine (Rough-Legged Tyrannulet, Phyllomyias burmeisteri).LinkIT
Parra-Hernández RM, Posada-Quintero JI, Acevedo-Charry O, Posada-Quintero HF
Animals : an open access journal from MDPI, 2020

3.  Species limits in the Tawny-crowned Pygmy-tyrant Euscarthmus meloryphus complex (Aves: Passeriformes: Tyrannidae).LinkIT
Franz I, Alvares DJ, Borges-Martins M
Zootaxa, 2020

4.  Speciation Associated with Shifts in Migratory Behavior in an Avian Radiation.LinkIT
Gómez-Bahamón V, Márquez R, Jahn AE, Miyaki CY, Tuero DT, Laverde-R O, Restrepo S, Cadena CD
Current biology : CB, 2020

5.  A revised classification of the fluvicoline tyrant flycatchers (Passeriformes, Tyrannidae, Fluvicolinae).LinkIT
Ohlson JI, Irestedt M, Filho HB, Ericson PGP, Fjeldså J
Zootaxa, 2020

6.  The complete mitochondrial genome of the national bird of Peru: Rupicola peruvianus (Aves, Passeriformes, Cotingidae).LinkIT
Bustamante DE, Hughey JR, Mendoza JE, Tineo D, Perez J, Oliva M, Leiva S, Calderon MS
Mitochondrial DNA. Part B, Resources, 2019

7.  Dense Geographic and Genomic Sampling Reveals Paraphyly and a Cryptic Lineage in a Classic Sibling Species Complex.LinkIT
Linck E, Epperly K, Van Els P, Spellman GM, Bryson RW, McCormack JE, Canales-Del-Castillo R, Klicka J
Systematic biology, 2019

8.  Influence of phylogenetic structure and climate gradients on geographical variation in the morphology of Mexican flycatcher forests assemblages (Aves: Tyrannidae).LinkIT
Cortés-Ramírez G, Ríos-Muñoz CA, Navarro-Sigüenza AG
PeerJ, 2019

9.  A novel group of avian astroviruses from Neotropical passerine birds broaden the diversity and host range of Astroviridae.LinkIT
Fernández-Correa I, Truchado DA, Gomez-Lucia E, Doménech A, Pérez-Tris J, Schmidt-Chanasit J, Cadar D, Benítez L
Scientific reports, 2019

10.  Bird cestodes from Huinay (Comau Fjord), Chilean Patagonia: several species of the family Dilepididae (Platyhelminthes, Cyclophyllidea), with the erection of two new genera.LinkIT
Mariaux J, Georgiev BB
ZooKeys, 2018