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Broader Terms:
   Muridae (mice) 

More Specific:
   Typhlomys chapensis (Chapa Pygmy Dormouse) 
   Typhlomys cinereus (Chinese pygmy dormouse) 
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External Resources:

1.  A blind climber: The first evidence of ultrasonic echolocation in arboreal mammals.LinkIT
Panyutina AA, Kuznetsov AN, Volodin IA, Abramov AV, Soldatova IB
Integrative zoology, 2017

2.  Karyotypes of two rare rodents, Hapalomys delacouri and Typhlomys cinereus (Mammalia, Rodentia), from Vietnam.LinkIT
Abramov AV, Aniskin VM, Rozhnov VV
ZooKeys, 2012

3.  Scanning electron microscope study of Mirophthirus liae (Anoplura: Mirophthiridae) and confirmation of the family status of the Mirophthiridae (Phthiraptera: Anoplura).LinkIT
Chin TH
Journal of medical entomology, 1998