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   Tubularia harrimani 

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   Hydroida (medusae) 

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1.  The relationship between fish abundance and benthic community structure on artificial reefs in the Mid-Atlantic Bight, and the importance of sea whip corals Leptogorgia virgulata.LinkIT
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2.  Additions to the hydroids (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa) of the Bay of Fundy, northeastern North America, with a checklist of species reported from the region.LinkIT
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3.  The dynamic factors in regeneration. First published in 1909 in The Biological Bulletin, Vol. 16: 265-276.LinkIT
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5.  Learning through glass: the Blaschka marine models in North American post secondary education.LinkIT
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6.  Response in nematocyst uptake by the nudibranch Flabellina verrucosa to the presence of various predators in the Southern Gulf of Maine.LinkIT
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7.  Larval behavioral, morphological changes, and nematocyte dynamics during settlement of actinulae of Tubularia mesembryanthemum, Allman 1871 (Hydrozoa: Tubulariidae).LinkIT
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8.  Hydroid defenses against predators: the importance of secondary metabolites versus nematocysts.LinkIT
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9.  Calcium Dependence of Settlement and Nematocyst Discharge in Actinulae of the Hydroid Tubularia mesembryanthemum.LinkIT
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10.  Development in an estuarine fouling community: The influence of early colonists on later arrivals.LinkIT
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