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   Trypanosoma brucei 

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   Trypanosoma brucei 
   Trypanosoma brucei brucei 
   Trypanosoma brucei gambiense 
   Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense 
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1.  Changes in serum biochemical parameters of experimental Trypanosoma brucei brucei-infected Nigerian indigenous dogs administered multispecies probiotic and diminazene aceturate.LinkIT
Kolawole BJ, Nwoha RIO, Erin JP, Orakpoghenor O
Journal of parasitic diseases : official organ of the Indian Society for Parasitology, 2021

2.  Identification of megacerotonic acid and a quinazoline derivative from Universal Natural Product Database as potential inhibitors of Trypanosoma brucei brucei alternative oxidase: molecular docking, molecular dynamic simulation and MM/PBSA analysis.LinkIT
Adamu RM, Ibrahim B, Ibrahim MA, Balogun EO
Journal of biomolecular structure & dynamics, 2021

3.  The EIF4E1-4EIP cap-binding complex of Trypanosoma brucei interacts with the terminal uridylyl transferase TUT3.LinkIT
Falk F, Kamanyi Marucha K, Clayton C
PloS one, 2021

4.  Raman spectroscopic analysis of skin as a diagnostic tool for Human African Trypanosomiasis.LinkIT
Girard A, Cooper A, Mabbott S, Bradley B, Asiala S, Jamieson L, Clucas C, Capewell P, Marchesi F, Gibbins MP, Hentzschel F, Marti M, Quintana JF, Garside P, Faulds K, MacLeod A, Graham D
PLoS pathogens, 2021

5.  DNA double strand break position leads to distinct gene expression changes and regulates VSG switching pathway choice.LinkIT
Thivolle A, Mehnert AK, Tihon E, McLaughlin E, Dujeancourt-Henry A, Glover L
PLoS pathogens, 2021

6.  Single-cell transcriptomics reveals hidden information in trypanosomatids.LinkIT
Abuchery BE, Black JA, da Silva MS
Trends in parasitology, 2021

7.  Corrigendum: To the Skin and Beyond: The Immune Response to African Trypanosomes as They Enter and Exit the Vertebrate Host.LinkIT
Alfituri OA, Quintana JF, MacLeod A, Garside P, Benson RA, Brewer JM, Mabbott NA, Morrison LJ, Capewell P
Frontiers in immunology, 2021

8.  Neurocognitive domains and neuropathological changes in experimental infection with Trypanosoma brucei brucei in Wistar rats.LinkIT
Adebiyi OE, Omobowale TO, Abatan MO
Heliyon, 2021

9.  Lipid and fatty acid metabolism in trypanosomatids.LinkIT
Parreira de Aquino G, Mendes Gomes MA, Köpke Salinas R, Laranjeira-Silva MF
Microbial cell (Graz, Austria), 2021

10.  An enzyme-mediated bioorthogonal labeling method for genome-wide mapping of 5-hydroxymethyluracil.LinkIT
Ma CJ, Li L, Shao WX, Ding JH, Cai XL, Lun ZR, Yuan BF, Feng YQ
Chemical science, 2021