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   Timon lepidus 

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   Timon lepidus ibericus 
   Timon lepidus lepidus 
   Timon lepidus nevadensis 
   Timon lepidus oteroi 
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Common Names: Perleidechse, Jewelled Lizard, jeweled lizard

1.  The first Miocene fossils of Lacerta cf. trilineata (Squamata, Lacertidae) with a comparative study of the main cranial osteological differences in green lizards and their relatives.LinkIT
?er?anský A, Syromyatnikova EV
PloS one, 2019

2.  Waitin' on a sunny day: Factors affecting lizard body temperature while hiding from predators.LinkIT
Sannolo M, Ponti R, Carretero MA
Journal of thermal biology, 2019

3.  Devriesea agamarum associated cheilitis in a North African spiny-tailed lizard (Uromastyx acanthinura) in Spain.LinkIT
Gallego M, Juan-Sallés C, Hellebuyck T
Open veterinary journal, 2018

4.  Assessing the reliability of thermography to infer internal body temperatures of lizards.LinkIT
Barroso FM, Carretero MA, Silva F, Sannolo M
Journal of thermal biology, 2016

5.  Does ecophysiology mediate reptile responses to fire regimes? Evidence from Iberian lizards.LinkIT
Ferreira CC, Santos X, Carretero MA
PeerJ, 2016

6.  Salmonella spp. and Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli prevalence in an ocellated lizard (Timon lepidus) research center in Spain.LinkIT
Martínez R, Sánchez S, Alonso JM, Herrera-León S, Rey J, Echeita MA, Morán JM, García-Sánchez A
Foodborne pathogens and disease, 2011