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Broader Terms:
   Poaceae (grass) 

More Specific:
   Thysanolaena acarifera 
   Thysanolaena agrostis 
   Thysanolaena assamensis 
   Thysanolaena birmanica 
   Thysanolaena latifolia (tiger grass) 
   Thysanolaena malaccensis 
   Thysanolaena maxima 
   Thysanolaena maxima glomerata 
   Thysanolaena maxima maxima 
   Thysanolaena mezii 
   Thysanolaena procera 
   Thysanolaena sikkimensis 
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1.  The identification of indigenous Cu and As metallophytes in the Lepanto Cu-Au Mine, Luzon, Philippines.LinkIT
Claveria RJR, Perez TR, Perez REC, Algo JLC, Robles PQ
Environmental monitoring and assessment, 2019

2.  Linking crop structure, throughfall, soil surface conditions, runoff and soil detachment: 10 land uses analyzed in Northern Laos.LinkIT
Lacombe G, Valentin C, Sounyafong P, de Rouw A, Soulileuth B, Silvera N, Pierret A, Sengtaheuanghoung O, Ribolzi O
The Science of the total environment, 2018

3.  A Novel Triculture System (CC3) for Simultaneous Enzyme Production and Hydrolysis of Common Grasses through Submerged Fermentation.LinkIT
Leo VV, Passari AK, Joshi JB, Mishra VK, Uthandi S, Ramesh N, Gupta VK, Saikia R, Sonawane VC, Singh BP
Frontiers in microbiology, 2016

4.  Phytochemical constituents from the florets of tiger grass Thysanolaena latifolia from Nepal.LinkIT
Shrestha S, Park JH, Cho JG, Lee DY, Jeong RH, Song MC, Cho SK, Lee DS, Baek NI
Journal of Asian natural products research, 2016

5.  Growth and lead accumulation by the grasses Vetiveria zizanioides and Thysanolaena maxima in lead-contaminated soil amended with pig manure and fertilizer: a glasshouse study.LinkIT
Rotkittikhun P, Chaiyarat R, Kruatrachue M, Pokethitiyook P, Baker AJ
Chemosphere, 2007

6.  Variation among strains of Xanthomonas campestris pv. vasculorum from Mauritius and other countries based on fatty acid analysis.LinkIT
Dookun A, Stead DE, Autrey LJ
Systematic and applied microbiology, 2000