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Broader Terms:
   Sarcopterygii (lobe-finned fish) 

More Specific:
   Amphibia (amphibians) 
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Common Names: tetrapods

1.  Variation in the skull morphometry of four taxonomic units of Thrichomys (Rodentia: Echimyidae), from different Neotropical biomes.LinkIT
Carvalhaes JG, Cordeiro-Estrela P, Hohl LSL, Vilela RV, D'Andrea PS, Rocha-Barbosa O
Journal of morphology, 2019

2.  Phylogeny of Paleozoic limbed vertebrates reassessed through revision and expansion of the largest published relevant data matrix.LinkIT
Marjanovi? D, Laurin M
PeerJ, 2019

3.  Skull variation in a shovel-headed amphisbaenian genus, inferred from the geometric morphometric analysis of five South American Leposternon species.LinkIT
Hohl LSL, Barros-Filho JD, Rocha-Barbosa O
Journal of morphology, 2018

4.  Reconstructing pectoral appendicular muscle anatomy in fossil fish and tetrapods over the fins-to-limbs transition.LinkIT
Molnar JL, Diogo R, Hutchinson JR, Pierce SE
Biological reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, 2018

5.  Diversity change during the rise of tetrapods and the impact of the 'Carboniferous rainforest collapse'.LinkIT
Dunne EM, Close RA, Button DJ, Brocklehurst N, Cashmore DD, Lloyd GT, Butler RJ
Proceedings. Biological sciences, 2018

6.  Repetitive DNAs and shrink genomes: A chromosomal analysis in nine Columbidae species (Aves, Columbiformes).LinkIT
Kretschmer R, de Oliveira TD, de Oliveira Furo I, Oliveira Silva FA, Gunski RJ, Del Valle Garnero A, de Bello Cioffi M, de Oliveira EHC, de Freitas TRO
Genetics and molecular biology, 2018

7.  The skull roof tracks the brain during the evolution and development of reptiles including birds.LinkIT
Fabbri M, Mongiardino Koch N, Pritchard AC, Hanson M, Hoffman E, Bever GS, Balanoff AM, Morris ZS, Field DJ, Camacho J, Rowe TB, Norell MA, Smith RM, Abzhanov A, Bhullar BS
Nature ecology & evolution, 2017

8.  Body and skull morphometric variations between two shovel-headed species of Amphisbaenia (Reptilia: Squamata) with morphofunctional inferences on burrowing.LinkIT
Dos Santos Lima Hohl L, Loguercio MFC, Sicuro FL, Duarte de Barros-Filho J, Rocha-Barbosa O
PeerJ, 2017

9.  Olson's Extinction and the latitudinal biodiversity gradient of tetrapods in the Permian.LinkIT
Brocklehurst N, Day MO, Rubidge BS, Fröbisch J
Proceedings. Biological sciences, 2017

10.  FOXP in Tetrapoda: Intrinsically Disordered Regions, Short Linear Motifs and their evolutionary significance.LinkIT
Viscardi LH, Tovo-Rodrigues L, Paré P, Fagundes NJR, Salzano FM, Paixão-Côrtes VR, Bau CHD, Bortolini MC
Genetics and molecular biology, 2018