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1.  Effects of preoperative oral administration of glucose solution combined with postoperative probiotics on inflammation and intestinal barrier function in patients after colorectal cancer surgery.LinkIT
Xu Q, Xu P, Cen Y, Li W
Oncology letters, 2019

2.  Effects of pharmaceuticals on microbial communities and activity of soil enzymes in mesocosm-scale constructed wetlands.LinkIT
Yan Q, Xu Y, Yu Y, Zhu ZW, Feng G
Chemosphere, 2018

3.  New data clarifying the taxonomy of European members of the Lepidocyrtus pallidus-serbicus group (Collembola, Entomobryidae).LinkIT
Mateos E, Winkler D
Zootaxa, 2018

4.  Pollination context alters female advantage in gynodioecious Silene vulgaris.LinkIT
Stone JD, Olson MS
Journal of evolutionary biology, 2018

5.  Investigation of the effective components of the flowers of Trollius chinensis from the perspectives of intestinal bacterial transformation and intestinal absorption.LinkIT
Guo L, Qiao S, Hu J, Li D, Zheng S, Shi D, Liu J, Wang R
Pharmaceutical biology, 2017

6.  Secrets of succulence.LinkIT
Males J
Journal of experimental botany, 2017

7.  Large-scale dark diversity estimates: new perspectives with combined methods.LinkIT
Ronk A, de Bello F, Fibich P, Pärtel M
Ecology and evolution, 2016

8.  Capsid Gene Divergence of Black Queen Cell Virus Isolates in Thailand and Japan Honey Bee Species.LinkIT
Mookhploy W, Kimura K, Disayathanoowat T, Yoshiyama M, Hondo K, Chantawannakul P
Journal of economic entomology, 2015

9.  Neuraminidase-producing oral mitis group streptococci potentially contribute to influenza viral infection and reduction in antiviral efficacy of zanamivir.LinkIT
Kamio N, Imai K, Shimizu K, Cueno ME, Tamura M, Saito Y, Ochiai K
Cellular and molecular life sciences : CMLS, 2015

10.  Laryngeal actinomycosis in an immunocompromised patient.LinkIT
Patel S, Jaworek AJ, Patel V, Duckworth LV, Sawhney R, Chheda NN
Journal of voice : official journal of the Voice Foundation, 2014