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   Andropogon bicolor 
   Andropogon sorghum bicolor 
   Holcus bicolor 
   Milium bicolor 
   Sorghum bicolor (shatter cane) 
   Sorghum bicolor bicolor (grain sorghum) 
   Sorghum saccharatum bicolor 
   Sorghum vulgare bicolor 

Broader Terms:
   Holcus (velvetgrass) 

More Specific:
   Sorghum bicolor arundinaceum (common wild sorghum) 
   Sorghum bicolor bicolor (grain sorghum) 
   Sorghum bicolor drummondii (shattercane) 
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Sorghum bicolor

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Common Names: milo, shattercane, wild cane, black amber, broom-corn, chicken corn, shatter cane, broomcorn, sorghum

1.  Multi-residue analysis of captan, captafol, folpet, and iprodione in cereals using liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry.LinkIT
Shinde R, Shiragave P, Lakade A, Thorat P, Banerjee K
Food additives & contaminants. Part A, Chemistry, analysis, control, exposure & risk assessment, 2019

2.  Genome-wide identification and expression profile analysis of nuclear factor Y family genes in Sorghum bicolor L. (Moench).LinkIT
Maheshwari P, Kummari D, Palakolanu SR, Nagasai Tejaswi U, Nagaraju M, Rajasheker G, Jawahar G, Jalaja N, Rathnagiri P, Kavi Kishor PB
PloS one, 2019

3.  Additivity of apparent and standardized ileal digestibility of amino acids in wheat, canola meal, and sorghum distillers dried grains with solubles in mixed diets fed to broiler chickens.LinkIT
Osho SO, Babatunde OO, Adeola O
Poultry science, 2019

4.  Correction: Unraveling the genetic complexity underlying sorghum response to water availability.LinkIT
Phuong N, Afolayan G, Stützel H, Uptmoor R, El-Soda M
PloS one, 2019

5.  Small RNA profiling from meiotic and post-meiotic anthers reveals prospective miRNA-target modules for engineering male fertility in sorghum.LinkIT
Dhaka N, Sharma S, Vashisht I, Kandpal M, Sharma MK, Sharma R
Genomics, 2019

6.  Comparison of feeding diets diluted with sorghum-sudangrass silage or low-quality grass on nutrient intake and digestibility and growth performance of Holstein dairy heifers.LinkIT
Li L, Esser NM, Ogden RK, Coblentz WK, Akins MS
Journal of dairy science, 2019

7.  Genome-Wide Analysis and Expression Profiling of Rice Hybrid Proline-Rich Proteins in Response to Biotic and Abiotic Stresses, and Hormone Treatment.LinkIT
Kapoor R, Kumar G, Arya P, Jaswal R, Jain P, Singh K, Sharma TR
Plants (Basel, Switzerland), 2019

8.  Effects of PICS bags on insect pests of sorghum during long-term storage in Burkina Faso.LinkIT
Waongo A, Traore F, Ba MN, Dabire-Binso C, Murdock LL, Baributsa D, Sanon A
Journal of stored products research, 2019

9.  An individual-based model of seed- and rhizome-propagated perennial plant species and sustainable management of Sorghum halepense in soybean production systems in Argentina.LinkIT
Liu C, Scursoni JA, Moreno R, Zelaya IA, Muñoz MS, Kaundun SS
Ecology and evolution, 2019

10.  Effectiveness of Fungicides and Their Application Timing for the Management of Sorghum Foliar Anthracnose in the Mid-Atlantic United States.LinkIT
Acharya B, O'Quinn TN, Everman W, Mehl HL
Plant disease, 2019