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   Ascomycota (Ascomycetes) 

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1.  Lulworthinone, a New Dimeric Naphthopyrone From a Marine Fungus in the Family Lulworthiaceae With Antibacterial Activity Against Clinical Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Isolates.LinkIT
Jenssen M, Rainsford P, Juskewitz E, Andersen JH, Hansen EH, Isaksson J, Rämä T, Hansen KØ
Frontiers in microbiology, 2021

2.  Fungal community characteristics and driving factors during the decaying process of Salix psammophila sand barriers in the desert.LinkIT
Liang Y, Gao Y, Wang R, Yang X
PloS one, 2021

3.  Genome Sequence Resource for Colletotrichum viniferum, the cause of grapevine ripe rot in China.LinkIT
Dou M, Hao Y, Yang J, Yuan X, Yin X, Jiao Y, Zhao J, Chen T, Wang Y, Xu Y
Molecular plant-microbe interactions : MPMI, 2021

4.  Yuxiensis granularis gen. et sp. nov., a Novel Quellkörper-Bearing Fungal Taxon Added to Scortechiniaceae and Inclusion of Parasympodiellaceae in Coronophorales Based on Phylogenetic Evidence.LinkIT
Bundhun D, Wanasinghe DN, Maharachchikumbura SSN, Bhat DJ, Huang SK, Lumyong S, Mortimer PE, Hyde KD
Life (Basel, Switzerland), 2021

5.  Why morphology matters: the negative consequences of hasty descriptions of putative novelties in asexual ascomycetes.LinkIT
Koukol O, Delgado G
IMA fungus, 2021

6.  Neopestalotiopsis Species Associated with Flower Diseases of Macadamia integrifolia in Australia.LinkIT
Prasannath K, Shivas RG, Galea VJ, Akinsanmi OA
Journal of fungi (Basel, Switzerland), 2021

7.  Insights into the Lignocellulose-Degrading Enzyme System of Humicola grisea var. thermoidea Based on Genome and Transcriptome Analysis.LinkIT
Steindorff AS, Serra LA, Formighieri EF, de Faria FP, Poças-Fonseca MJ, de Almeida JRM
Microbiology spectrum, 2021

8.  N-induced root exudates mediate the rhizosphere fungal assembly and affect species coexistence.LinkIT
Wang J, Liao L, Wang G, Liu H, Wu Y, Liu G, Zhang C
The Science of the total environment, 2021

9.  Comparative molecular evolution of chitinases in ascomycota with emphasis on mycoparasitism lifestyle.LinkIT
Wang C, Zeng ZQ, Zhuang WY
Microbial genomics, 2021

10.  Five Novel Taxa from Freshwater Habitats and New Taxonomic Insights of Pleurotheciales and Savoryellomycetidae.LinkIT
Dong W, Jeewon R, Hyde KD, Yang EF, Zhang H, Yu X, Wang G, Suwannarach N, Doilom M, Dong Z
Journal of fungi (Basel, Switzerland), 2021