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   Sitta europaea (Eurasian Nuthatch) 

Broader Terms:
   Passeriformes (perching birds) 
   Sitta (nuthatches) 

More Specific:
   Sitta europaea albifrons 
   Sitta europaea amurensis 
   Sitta europaea arctica 
   Sitta europaea asiatica 
   Sitta europaea bedfordi 
   Sitta europaea caesia (Southern Nuthatch) 
   Sitta europaea caucasica 
   Sitta europaea cisalpina 
   Sitta europaea europaea (Eurasian Nuthatch) 
   Sitta europaea hispaniensis 
   Sitta europaea levantina 
   Sitta europaea persica 
   Sitta europaea roseilia 
   Sitta europaea rubiginosa 
   Sitta europaea seorsa 
   Sitta europaea sinensis (Oriental Nuthatch) 
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Trepadeira-azul - Aves em Portugal Photo Pool
Trepadeira-azul | Sitta europaea | European nuthatch - Birds/Aves Photo Pool

Sitta europaea
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Common Names: Kleiber, Picchio muratore, Поползень обыкновенный, Nuthatch, ゴジュウカラ, Trepador azul, Obyknovenny Popolzen, Wood Nuthatch, Eurasian Nuthatch, Boomklever, Nötväcka, Sittelle torchepot

1.  Changes in melanocyte RNA and DNA methylation favour pheomelanin synthesis and may avoid systemic oxidative stress after dietary cysteine supplementation in birds.LinkIT
Rodríguez-Martínez S, Márquez R, Inácio Â, Galván I
Molecular ecology, 2019

2.  The niches of nuthatches affect their lineage evolution differently across latitude.LinkIT
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3.  Predation risk determines pigmentation phenotype in nuthatches by melanin-related gene expression effects.LinkIT
Galván I
Journal of evolutionary biology, 2018

4.  Condition-dependence of pheomelanin-based coloration in nuthatches Sitta europaea suggests a detoxifying function: implications for the evolution of juvenile plumage patterns.LinkIT
Galván I
Scientific reports, 2017

5.  Extension of the Avian Host Range of Collyriclosis in Europe.LinkIT
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6.  Molecular characterization of 'Candidatus Rickettsia vini' in Ixodes arboricola from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.LinkIT
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7.  Host specificity of a bird-specialised endophilic ectoparasite, the tree-hole tick Ixodes arboricola.LinkIT
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8.  Phenological differences among selected residents and long-distance migrant bird species in central Europe.LinkIT
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9.  Asymmetries in commitment in an avian communication network.LinkIT
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10.  New species and records of quill mites of the family Syringophilidae (Acari: Prostigmata) from the passerines (Aves: Passeriformes) from the Russian Far East.LinkIT
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