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   Labrus pulcher 
   Semicossyphus pulcher (California sheephead) 

Broader Terms:
   Labrus (wrasses) 
   Perciformes (perch-likes) 
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Common Names: vieja californiana, 美丽突额隆头鱼, Labre californien, Vieja de California, Californisk fårehoved, California sheephead, 美麗突額隆頭魚, Lippfisch

1.  Early conservation benefits of a de facto marine protected area at San Clemente Island, California.LinkIT
Esgro MW, Lindholm J, Nickols KJ, Bredvik J
PloS one, 2020

2.  Experiments reveal limited top-down control of key herbivores in southern California kelp forests.LinkIT
Dunn RP, Hovel KA
Ecology, 2019

3.  Morphological and molecular characterisation of digenean parasites of the Galápagos sheephead Semicossyphus darwini (Jenyns) with the re-description of Labrifer secundus Manter, 1940 (Lepidapedidae) from the Humboldt Current Large Marine Ecosystem.LinkIT
Ñacari LA, Sepulveda FA, Escribano R, Bray RA, Oliva ME
Systematic parasitology, 2018

4.  Historical ecology and the conservation of large, hermaphroditic fishes in Pacific Coast kelp forest ecosystems.LinkIT
Braje TJ, Rick TC, Szpak P, Newsome SD, McCain JM, Elliott Smith EA, Glassow M, Hamilton SL
Science advances, 2017

5.  Protection of large predators in a marine reserve alters size-dependent prey mortality.LinkIT
Selden RL, Gaines SD, Hamilton SL, Warner RR
Proceedings. Biological sciences, 2017

6.  Tool use by a temperate wrasse, California sheephead Semicossyphus pulcher.LinkIT
Dunn RP
Journal of fish biology, 2016

7.  Exploitation and recovery of a sea urchin predator has implications for the resilience of southern California kelp forests.LinkIT
Hamilton SL, Caselle JE
Proceedings. Biological sciences, 2015

8.  Dietary niche expansion of a kelp forest predator recovering from intense commercial exploitation.LinkIT
Hamilton SL, Newsome SD, Caselle JE
Ecology, 2014

9.  Phylogeography of the California sheephead, Semicossyphus pulcher: the role of deep reefs as stepping stones and pathways to antitropicality.LinkIT
Poortvliet M, Longo GC, Selkoe K, Barber PH, White C, Caselle JE, Perez-Matus A, Gaines SD, Bernardi G
Ecology and evolution, 2013

10.  Using GIS mapping of the extent of nearshore rocky reefs to estimate the abundance and reproductive output of important fishery species.LinkIT
Claisse JT, Pondella DJ, Williams JP, Sadd J
PloS one, 2012