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   Scytodes dissimulans 

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1.  On the spider that spits the solution of a nonsmooth oscillator.LinkIT
Goeleven D
Mathematical biosciences, 2017

2.  Niche modelling of the Chilean recluse spider Loxosceles laeta and araneophagic spitting spider Scytodes globula and risk for loxoscelism in Chile.LinkIT
Canals M, Taucare-Rios A, Brescovit AD, Peña-Gomez F, Bizama G, Canals A, Moreno L, Bustamante R
Medical and veterinary entomology, 2016

3.  Estimation of the Effect of the Predator Scytodes globula (Araneae: Scytodidae) on Loxosceles laeta (Araneae: Sicariidae) Populations.LinkIT
Canals M, Moreno L, Solís R
Environmental entomology, 2016

4.  Characterization of Three Venom Peptides from the Spitting Spider Scytodes thoracica.LinkIT
Ariki NK, Muñoz LE, Armitage EL, Goodstein FR, George KG, Smith VL, Vetter I, Herzig V, King GF, Loening NM
PloS one, 2016

5.  Adaptation of the spiders to the environment: the case of some Chilean species.LinkIT
Canals M, Veloso C, Solís R
Frontiers in physiology, 2015

6.  Interactions Between the Chilean Recluse Spider (Araneae: Sicariidae) and an Araneophagic Spitting Spider (Araneae: Scytodidae).LinkIT
Canals M, Arriagada N, Solís R
Journal of medical entomology, 2015

7.  A new species of Scytodes from Algeria (Araneae: Scytodidae), with a review of the species from the Maghreb.LinkIT
Keer JV, Bosmans R
Zootaxa, 2014

8.  Diverse formulas for spider dragline fibers demonstrated by molecular and mechanical characterization of spitting spider silk.LinkIT
Correa-Garhwal SM, Garb JE
Biomacromolecules, 2014

9.  Spit and venom from scytodes spiders: a diverse and distinct cocktail.LinkIT
Zobel-Thropp PA, Correa SM, Garb JE, Binford GJ
Journal of proteome research, 2014

10.  [Is the tiger spider, Scytodes globula, an effective predator of the brown recluse spider, Loxosceles laeta?].LinkIT
Canals L M, Solís M R
Revista medica de Chile, 2013