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   Chriomitra concolor 
   Scomberomorus concolor (Gulf sierra) 

Broader Terms:
   Perciformes (perch-likes) 
   Scomberomorus (Spanish mackerels) 
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Common Names: 美洲馬鮫, Sierra del golfo, carite de monterey, Sierra, Serra-de-Monterey, sierra golfina, Carite de Monterrey, Kalifornijskaya korolevskaya makrel, Monterey-kongemakrel, thazard de monterey, Gulf sierra, макрель калифорнийская королевская, Monterey Spanish mackerel, Montereymakrill, Monterrey Spanish Mackerel, макрель королевская, 美洲马鲛

1.  Forest recovery following extreme drought in California, USA: natural patterns and effects of pre-drought management.LinkIT
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8.  Nervisides I-J: Unconventional Side-Chain-Bearing Cycloartane Glycosides from Nervilia concolor.LinkIT
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