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1.  Predicting the success of an invader: Niche shift versus niche conservatism.LinkIT
Sherpa S, Guéguen M, Renaud J, Blum MGB, Gaude T, Laporte F, Akiner M, Alten B, Aranda C, Barre-Cardi H, Bellini R, Bengoa Paulis M, Chen XG, Eritja R, Flacio E, Foxi C, Ishak IH, Kalan K, Kasai S, Montarsi F, Pajovi? I, Petri? D, Termine R, Turi? N, Vazquez-Prokopec GM, Velo E, Vignjevi? G, Zhou X, Després L
Ecology and evolution, 2019

2.  First Case Report of Primary Carnitine Deficiency Manifested as Intellectual Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder.LinkIT
Guevara-Campos J, Gonz√°lez-Guevara L, Guevara-Gonz√°lez J, Cauli O
Brain sciences, 2019

3.  Wheat storage proteins: changes on the glutenins after wheat infection with different isolates of Fusarium graminearum.LinkIT
Ortega LM, Moure MC, Gonz√°lez EM, Alconada TM
International microbiology : the official journal of the Spanish Society for Microbiology, 2019

4.  Ultra-small microorganisms in the polyextreme conditions of the Dallol volcano, Northern Afar, Ethiopia.LinkIT
Gómez F, Cavalazzi B, Rodríguez N, Amils R, Ori GG, Olsson-Francis K, Escudero C, Martínez JM, Miruts H
Scientific reports, 2019

5.  Skeletal alterations, developmental delay and new mutations in juvenile-onset Pompe disease.LinkIT
Guevara-Campos J, Gonz√°lez-Guevara L, Cauli O
Neuromuscular disorders : NMD, 2019

6.  First detection of Aedes japonicus in Spain: an unexpected finding triggered by citizen science.LinkIT
Eritja R, Ruiz-Arrondo I, Delacour-Estrella S, Schaffner F, √Ālvarez-Chachero J, Bengoa M, Puig M√Ā, Melero-Alc√≠bar R, Oltra A, Bartumeus F
Parasites & vectors, 2019

7.  A minimally invasive technique to remove broken cemented stems and its reconstruction with cement-in-cement.LinkIT
Burgo FJ, Mengelle DE, Feijoo M, Autorino CM
Hip international : the journal of clinical and experimental research on hip pathology and therapy, 2019

8.  Optical, Electrical and Thermal Properties of Organic?Inorganic Hybrids with Conjugated Polymers Based on POSS Having Heterogeneous Substituents.LinkIT
Ueda K, Tanaka K, Chujo Y
Polymers, 2018

9.  Fluoroalkyl POSS with Dual Functional Groups as a Molecular Filler for Lowering Refractive Indices and Improving Thermomechanical Properties of PMMA.LinkIT
Ueda K, Tanaka K, Chujo Y
Polymers, 2018

Paula FL, Sardi SI, Tigre DM, Fernandes FMC, Campos GS
Arquivos de gastroenterologia, 2019