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   Candidatus massiliae 
   Rhizobium arachis 
   Rhizobium bai 
   Rhizobium capsulata 
   Rhizobium cellulosilyticus 
   Rhizobium ciceri 
   Rhizobium daejeonense 
   Rhizobium esparseta 
   Rhizobium etli 
   Rhizobium fredii 
   Rhizobium galegae 
   Rhizobium gallicum 
   Rhizobium genosp 
   Rhizobium giardinii 
   Rhizobium gleae 
   Rhizobium hainanense 
   Rhizobium hedysari 
   Rhizobium huakuii 
   Rhizobium huautlense 
   Rhizobium indigoferae 
   Rhizobium japonicum 
   Rhizobium larrymoorei 
   Rhizobium leguminosarum 
   Rhizobium loessense 
   Rhizobium loti 
   Rhizobium lupini 
   Rhizobium lusitanum 
   Rhizobium mediterraneum 
   Rhizobium meliloti 
   Rhizobium mongolense 
   Rhizobium phaseoli 
   Rhizobium radiobacter 
   Rhizobium rhizogenes 
   Rhizobium rubi 
   Rhizobium sc-w 
   Rhizobium soli 
   Rhizobium sullae 
   Rhizobium taeanense 
   Rhizobium tianshanense 
   Rhizobium trifolii 
   Rhizobium tropici 
   Rhizobium undicola 
   Rhizobium vitis 
   Rhizobium yanglingense 
   environmental samples 
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1.  Structural and functional diversity of asparaginases: Overview and recommendations for a revised nomenclature.LinkIT
da Silva LS, Doonan LB, Pessoa A, de Oliveira MA, Long P
Biotechnology and applied biochemistry, 2021

2.  Alleviating Cr(VI) stress in horse gram (Macrotyloma uniflorum Var. Madhu) by native Cr-tolerant nodule endophytes isolated from contaminated site of Sukinda.LinkIT
Dhali S, Pradhan M, Sahoo RK, Mohanty S, Pradhan C
Environmental science and pollution research international, 2021

3.  Nickel tolerance and biosorption potential of rhizobia associated with horse gram [Macrotyloma uniflorum (Lam.) Verdc.].LinkIT
Edulamudi P, Antony Masilamani AJ, Vanga UR, Divi VRSG, Konada VM
International journal of phytoremediation, 2021

4.  Investigating the involvement of cytoskeletal proteins MreB and FtsZ in the origin of legume-rhizobial symbiosis.LinkIT
Zhao W, Zhu H, Wei F, Zhou D, Li Y, Zhang XX
Molecular plant-microbe interactions : MPMI, 2021

5.  Effects of copper and florfenicol on nirS- and nirK-type denitrifier communities and related antibiotic resistance in vegetable soils.LinkIT
Wang M, Wu J, Zhou T, Liang Y, Zheng L, Sun Y
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety, 2021

6.  Fate of antibiotic resistance genes and metal resistance genes during the thermophilic fermentation of solid and liquid swine manures in an ectopic fermentation system.LinkIT
Shen Q, Tang J, Wang X, Li Y, Yao X, Sun H, Wu Y
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety, 2021

7.  Insights Into the Ecological Role of Pseudomonas spp. in an Ant-plant Symbiosis.LinkIT
Fukuda TTH, Pereira CF, Melo WGP, Menegatti C, Andrade PHM, Groppo M, Lacava PT, Currie CR, Pupo MT
Frontiers in microbiology, 2021

8.  Spectral studies of Amaranthus tristis Linn. in Bioremediated Silk dyeing effluent with mixed biofertilizer inoculants.LinkIT
Rehaman S, El-Sheikh MA, Alfarhan AH, Ushani U
Saudi journal of biological sciences, 2021

9.  Identification of the metabolites regulated in soybean-Rhizobia symbiosis through solid phase microextraction coupled with LC-MS.LinkIT
Onat B, Rosales-Solano H, Ferrier L, Pawliszyn J
Journal of chromatography. A, 2021

10.  Dual Microbial Inoculation, a Game Changer? - Bacterial Biostimulants With Multifunctional Growth Promoting Traits to Mitigate Salinity Stress in Spring Mungbean.LinkIT
Kumawat KC, Sharma P, Nagpal S, Gupta RK, Sirari A, Nair RM, Bindumadhava H, Singh S
Frontiers in microbiology, 2020