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   Rhinolophus mehelyi (Mehely's Horseshoe Bat) 

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Common Names: vrápenec Mehelyův, Mehely's Horseshoe Bat, Подковонос Мегели

1.  First record of Eyndhovenia (Mesostigmata: Gamasina: Spinturnicidae) from Vietnam.LinkIT
Luong NT, Orlova MV, Manh VQ, Loan HT, Thong VD
Parasitology international, 2021

2.  Bat parasites (Acari, Anoplura, Cestoda, Diptera, Hemiptera, Nematoda, Siphonaptera, Trematoda) in France (1762-2018): a literature review and contribution to a checklist.LinkIT
Léger C
Parasite (Paris, France), 2020

3.  Assessing niche partitioning of co-occurring sibling bat species by DNA metabarcoding.LinkIT
Arrizabalaga-Escudero A, Clare EL, Salsamendi E, Alberdi A, Garin I, Aihartza J, Goiti U
Molecular ecology, 2018

4.  What story does geographic separation of insular bats tell? A case study on Sardinian rhinolophids.LinkIT
Russo D, Di Febbraro M, Rebelo H, Mucedda M, Cistrone L, Agnelli P, De Pasquale PP, Martinoli A, Scaravelli D, Spilinga C, Bosso L
PloS one, 2014

5.  Female mate choice can drive the evolution of high frequency echolocation in bats: a case study with Rhinolophus mehelyi.LinkIT
Puechmaille SJ, Borissov IM, Zsebok S, Allegrini B, Hizem M, Kuenzel S, Schuchmann M, Teeling EC, Siemers BM
PloS one, 2014

6.  Variation in ectoparasite load in the Mehely's horseshoe bat, Rhinolophus mehelyi (Chiroptera: Rhinolophidae) in a nursery colony in western Iran.LinkIT
Sharifi M, Taghinezhad N, Mozafari F, Vaissi S
Acta parasitologica, 2013

7.  What mechanism of niche segregation allows the coexistence of sympatric sibling rhinolophid bats?LinkIT
Salsamendi E, Garin I, Arostegui I, Goiti U, Aihartza J
Frontiers in zoology, 2012

8.  The importance of distance to resources in the spatial modelling of bat foraging habitat.LinkIT
Rainho A, Palmeirim JM
PloS one, 2011

9.  Perch-hunting in insectivorous Rhinolophus bats is related to the high energy costs of manoeuvring in flight.LinkIT
Voigt CC, Schuller BM, Greif S, Siemers BM
Journal of comparative physiology. B, Biochemical, systemic, and environmental physiology, 2010

10.  Variability in echolocation call intensity in a community of horseshoe bats: a role for resource partitioning or communication?LinkIT
Schuchmann M, Siemers BM
PloS one, 2010