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   Rhabadamia gracilis 
   Rhabdamia gracilis (arrow cardinal) 

Broader Terms:
   Perciformes (perch-likes) 

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Common Names: Slender cardinalfish, Suga, 大面側仔, 大目侧仔, പൂതാനചാള , Jalutu, Pyl-kardinaal, പൂത്തന് ചാള, 细箭天竺鲷, 箭天竺鯛, Sebekah laut, 大目側仔, Himabodi, Sukashitenjikudai, Luminous cardinalfish, arrow cardinal, Graceful cardinalfish, Dangat, 細箭天竺鯛, 大面侧仔, 箭天竺鲷, Poothathechala

1.  A Meroisoprenoid, Heptenolides, and C-Benzylated Flavonoids from Sphaerocoryne gracilis ssp. gracilis.LinkIT
Maeda G, Munissi JJE, Lindblad S, Duffy S, Pelletier J, Avery VM, Nyandoro SS, Erdélyi M
Journal of natural products, 2020

2.  The Functions of Chloroplast Glutamyl-tRNA in Translation and Tetrapyrrole Biosynthesis.LinkIT
Agrawal S, Karcher D, Ruf S, Bock R
Plant physiology, 2020

3.  Changes in excitation relaxation of diatoms in response to fluctuating light, probed by fluorescence spectroscopies.LinkIT
Tanabe M, Ueno Y, Yokono M, Shen JR, Nagao R, Akimoto S
Photosynthesis research, 2020

4.  Distribution and chemical form of selenium in Neptunia amplexicaulis from Central Queensland, Australia.LinkIT
Harvey MA, Erskine PD, Harris HH, Brown GK, Pilon-Smits EAH, Casey LW, Echevarria G, van der Ent A
Metallomics : integrated biometal science, 2020

5.  Lab-on-Chip Platform for Culturing and Dynamic Evaluation of Cells Development.LinkIT
Podwin A, Lizanets D, Przystupski D, Kubicki W, ?niadek P, Kulbacka J, Wymys?owski A, Walczak R, Dziuban JA
Micromachines, 2020

6.  Exploring Consumer Palatability of Australian Beef Fajita Meat Enhanced with Phosphate or Sodium Bicarbonate.LinkIT
Garmyn A, Hardcastle N, Bendele C, Polkinghorne R, Miller M
Foods (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

7.  Effect of two lignocellulose related sugar alcohols on the growth and metabolites biosynthesis of Euglena gracilis.LinkIT
Zhu J, Wakisaka M
Bioresource technology, 2020

8.  Data on the thermochemical potential of six Cuban biomasses as bioenergy sources.LinkIT
Pfeil M, Piloto-Rodríguez R, Díaz Y, Sánchez-Borroto Y, Melo-Espinosa EA, Denfeld D, Pohl S
Data in brief, 2020

9.  Twenty-six new species of Hoploscopa (Lepidoptera, Crambidae) from South-East Asia revealed by morphology and DNA barcoding.LinkIT
Léger T, Kehlmaier C, Vairappan CS, Nuss M
ZooKeys, 2020

10.  Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstruction Technique Utilizing Suture Tape Augmentation.LinkIT
McGee R, Eudy A, Hoang V, Gupta S, Jacks A, Bruhn S
Arthroscopy techniques, 2020