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Common Names: radiolarians

1.  Marine signature taxa and core microbial community stability along latitudinal and vertical gradients in sediments of the deepest freshwater lake.LinkIT
Reboul G, Moreira D, Annenkova NV, Bertolino P, Vershinin KE, LĂłpez-GarcĂ­a P
The ISME journal, 2021

2.  Sterol Composition of the Peridinioid Dinoflagellate Zooxanthella nutricula, A Symbiont of Polycystine Radiolarians.LinkIT
Graeff JE, Leblond JD
Protist, 2021

3.  Ecology, Morphology, Phylogeny and Taxonomic Revision of Giant Radiolarians, Orodaria ord. nov. (Radiolaria; Rhizaria; SAR).LinkIT
Nakamura Y, Tuji A, Kimoto K, Yamaguchi A, Hori RS, Suzuki N
Protist, 2021

4.  A Morpho-molecular Perspective on the Diversity and Evolution of Spumellaria (Radiolaria).LinkIT
Sandin MM, Biard T, Romac S, O'Dogherty L, Suzuki N, Not F
Protist, 2021

5.  Biogeographical Distribution and Community Assembly of Active Protistan Assemblages Along an Estuary to a Basin Transect of the Northern South China Sea.LinkIT
Li R, Hu C, Wang J, Sun J, Wang Y, Jiao N, Xu D
Microorganisms, 2021

6.  Innovative microfossil (radiolarian) analysis using a system for automated image collection and AI-based classification of species.LinkIT
Itaki T, Taira Y, Kuwamori N, Saito H, Ikehara M, Hoshino T
Scientific reports, 2020

7.  The Probable Mechanism for Silicon Capture by Diatom Algae: Assimilation of Polycarbonic Acids with Diatoms-Is Endocytosis a Key Stage in Building of Siliceous Frustules?LinkIT
Annenkov VV, Gordon R, Zelinskiy SN, Danilovtseva EN
Journal of phycology, 2020

8.  Inorganic carbon concentrating mechanisms in free-living and symbiotic dinoflagellates and chromerids.LinkIT
Raven JA, Suggett DJ, Giordano M
Journal of phycology, 2020

9.  Marine plankton show threshold extinction response to Neogene climate change.LinkIT
Trubovitz S, Lazarus D, Renaudie J, Noble PJ
Nature communications, 2020

10.  Shifts in the protist community associated with an anticyclonic gyre in the Alboran Sea (Mediterranean Sea).LinkIT
García-Gómez C, Yebra L, Cortés D, Sánchez A, Alonso A, Valcárcel-Pérez N, Gómez-Jakobsen F, Herrera I, Johnstone C, Mercado JM
FEMS microbiology ecology, 2020