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Broader Terms:
   Insecta (insects) 
   Malvaceae (mallow) 
   Sterculiaceae (sterculias) 

More Specific:
   Anoplura (sucking lice) 
   Blattaria (cockroaches) 
   Dictyoptera (cockroaches) 
   Ephemeroptera (mayflies) 
   Heteroptera (true bugs) 
   Homoptera (hoppers) 
   Mallophaga (chewing lice) 
   Neoptera (modern, wing-folding insects) 
   Odonata (dragonflies) 
   Palaeoptera (ancient winged insects) 
   Pterygota adolfi-friederici 
   Pterygota alata 
   Pterygota alata irregularis 
   Pterygota amazonica 
   Pterygota aubrevillei 
   Pterygota augouardii 
   Pterygota bequaertii 
   Pterygota brasiliensis 
   Pterygota bureavii 
   Pterygota colombiana 
   Pterygota cordifolia 
   Pterygota excelsa 
   Pterygota forbesii 
   Pterygota horsfieldii 
   Pterygota kamerunensis 
   Pterygota macrocarpa 
   Pterygota madagascariensis 
   Pterygota mildbraedii 
   Pterygota papuana 
   Pterygota perrieri 
   Pterygota roxburghii 
   Pterygota schoorkopfii 
   Pterygota schumanniana 
   Pterygota schweinfurthii 
   Pterygota thwaitesii 
   Pterygota trinervia 
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Did you mean: Pterigota or Pterygotus?

Common Names: Owady uskrzydlone, insects ailés, Крылатые насекомые, Ptérygote, Szárnyas rovarok, Krilaši, Fluginsekten, insects ailés, Bevingade insekter, winged insects, Siipikantaiset

1.  Expression pattern of CAPA/pyrokinin neuropeptide genes in Remipedia and silverfish: Rapid differentiation after gene duplication in early Hexapoda, followed by strong conservation of newly established features in insects.LinkIT
Diesner M, Bläser M, Eckardt S, Iliffe TM, Boelen Theile E, Predel R
Peptides, 2021

2.  Fossil dragonfly-type larva with lateral abdominal protrusions and implications on the early evolution of Pterygota.LinkIT
Haug JT, Müller P, Haug C
iScience, 2021

3.  Large-Scale Annotation and Evolution Analysis of MiRNA in Insects.LinkIT
Ma X, He K, Shi Z, Li M, Li F, Chen XX
Genome biology and evolution, 2021

4.  Pterygota alata (Roxb.) R.Br. Bark Fraction Induced Intrinsic Apoptotic Pathway in 4T1 Cells by Decreasing Bcl-2 and Inducing Bax Expression.LinkIT
Rollando R, Warsito W, Masruri M, Widodo W
Pakistan journal of biological sciences : PJBS, 2021

5.  Six complete mitochondrial genomes of mayflies from three genera of Ephemerellidae (Insecta: Ephemeroptera) with inversion and translocation of trnI rearrangement and their phylogenetic relationships.LinkIT
Xu XD, Jia YY, Cao SS, Zhang ZY, Storey KB, Yu DN, Zhang JY
PeerJ, 2020

6.  Quantitative genetics of wing morphology in the parasitoid wasp Nasonia vitripennis: hosts increase sibling similarity.LinkIT
Xia S, Pannebakker BA, Groenen MAM, Zwaan BJ, Bijma P
Heredity, 2020

7.  Male postabdomen reveals ancestral traits of Megasecoptera among winged insects.LinkIT
Prokop J, Pecharová M, Sinitshenkova ND, Klass KD
Arthropod structure & development, 2020

8.  The mitochondrial genomes of palaeopteran insects and insights into the early insect relationships.LinkIT
Song N, Li X, Yin X, Li X, Yin J, Pan P
Scientific reports, 2019

9.  The innovation of the final moult and the origin of insect metamorphosis.LinkIT
Belles X
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences, 2019

10.  The complete mitochondrial genome of Sarcophaga pterygota (Diptera: Sarcophagidae).LinkIT
Wang S, Shang Y, Ren L, Yang L, Guo Y
Mitochondrial DNA. Part B, Resources, 2019