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Common Names: purple photosynthetic bacteria, purple bacteria and relatives, purple non-sulfur bacteria, Purple bacteria, purple photosynthetic bacteria and relatives

1.  DNA adenine methylase, not the PstI restriction-modification system, regulates virulence gene expression in Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli.LinkIT
Carter MQ, Pham A, Huynh S, Parker CT, Miller A, He X, Hu B, Chain PSG
Food microbiology, 2021

2.  Enrichment of marine manganese-oxidizing microorganisms using polycaprolactone as a solid organic substrate.LinkIT
Aoki M, Miyashita Y, Tran PT, Okuno Y, Watari T, Yamaguchi T
Biotechnology letters, 2021

3.  The phylogenetic and global distribution of bacterial polyhydroxyalkanoate bioplastic degrading genes.LinkIT
Viljakainen VR, Hug LA
Environmental microbiology, 2021

4.  The oil spill and the use of chemical surfactant reduce microbial corrosion on API 5L steel buried in saline soil.LinkIT
Procópio L
Environmental science and pollution research international, 2021

5.  AbaM Regulates Quorum Sensing, Biofilm Formation and Virulence in Acinetobacter baumannii.LinkIT
López-Martín M, Dubern JF, Alexander MR, Williams P
Journal of bacteriology, 2021

6.  Neonatal hyperoxia induces gut dysbiosis and behavioral changes in adolescent mice.LinkIT
Lo YC, Chen KY, Chou HC, Lin IH, Chen CM
Journal of the Chinese Medical Association : JCMA, 2021

7.  Dysbiosis of gut microbiota in Polish patients with ulcerative colitis: a pilot study.LinkIT
Zakerska-Banaszak O, Tomczak H, Gabryel M, Baturo A, Wolko L, Michalak M, Malinska N, Mankowska-Wierzbicka D, Eder P, Dobrowolska A, Slomski R, Skrzypczak-Zielinska M
Scientific reports, 2021

8.  Shifts in bacterial communities and antibiotic resistance genes in surface water and gut microbiota of guppies (Poecilia reticulata) in the upper Rio Uberabinha, Brazil.LinkIT
Jia J, Gomes-Silva G, Plath M, Pereira BB, UeiraVieira C, Wang Z
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety, 2021

9.  Potential for and Distribution of Enzymatic Biodegradation of Polystyrene by Environmental Microorganisms.LinkIT
Hou L, Majumder EL
Materials (Basel, Switzerland), 2021

10.  Microbial diversity characteristics and the influence of environmental factors in a large drinking-water source.LinkIT
Jiang T, Sun S, Chen Y, Qian Y, Guo J, Dai R, An D
The Science of the total environment, 2021