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Broader Terms:
   Poaceae (grasses) 

More Specific:
   Achnatherum (needlegrass) 
   Achnella (ricegrass) 
   Acrachne (goosegrass) 
   Aegilops (goatgrass) 
   Aegopogon (relaxgrass) 
   Agrestia (agrestia lichen) 
   Agropogon (agropogon) 
   Agropyron (other wheatgrasses) 
   Agrostis (bentgrass) 
   Agrostis alba gracilis 
   Aira (hairgrass) 
   Allolepis (Allolepis) 
   Alloteropsis (summergrass) 
   Alopecurus (foxtail) 
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Trichoneura elegans

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Common Names: grass, Злаки, graminées, graminées, grass family, grasses, Buğdaygiller, Süßgräser

1.  Identification of flowering-time genes in mast flowering plants using De Novo transcriptomic analysis.LinkIT
Samarth, Lee R, Song J, Macknight RC, Jameson PE
PloS one, 2019

2.  Molecular cytogenetic characterization and phylogenetic analysis of four Miscanthus species (Poaceae).LinkIT
Tang YM, Xiao L, Iqbal Y, Liao JF, Xiao LQ, Yi ZL, She CW
Comparative cytogenetics, 2019

3.  Divergent gene expression networks underlie morphological diversity of abscission zones in grasses.LinkIT
Yu Y, Hu H, Doust AN, Kellogg EA
The New phytologist, 2019

4.  Taxonomic, biological and geographical traits of species in a coastal dune flora in the southeastern Cape Floristic Region: regional and global comparisons.LinkIT
Cowling RM, Logie C, Brady J, Middleton M, Grobler BA
PeerJ, 2019

5.  Morphological changes during juvenile-to-adult phase transition in sorghum.LinkIT
Hashimoto S, Tezuka T, Yokoi S
Planta, 2019

6.  When resistance is futile, tolerate instead: silicon promotes plant compensatory growth when attacked by above- and belowground herbivores.LinkIT
Johnson SN, Reynolds OL, Gurr GM, Esveld JL, Moore BD, Tory GJ, Gherlenda AN
Biology letters, 2019

7.  Different Roles of Heat Shock Proteins (70 kDa) During Abiotic Stresses in Barley (Hordeum vulgare) Genotypes.LinkIT
Landi S, Capasso G, Ben Azaiez FE, Jallouli S, Ayadi S, Trifa Y, Esposito S
Plants (Basel, Switzerland), 2019

8.  Flowers, leaves or both? How to obtain suitable images for automated plant identification.LinkIT
Rzanny M, Mäder P, Deggelmann A, Chen M, Wäldchen J
Plant methods, 2019

9.  A key to the North American genera of Stipeae (Poaceae, Pooideae) with descriptions and taxonomic names for species of Eriocoma, Neotrinia, Oloptum, and five new genera: Barkworthia, ×Eriosella, Pseudoeriocoma, Ptilagrostiella, and Thorneochloa.LinkIT
Peterson PM, Romaschenko K, Soreng RJ, Reyna JV
PhytoKeys, 2019

10.  [Pollen in surface soil at the southern slope of western Tianshan, China.]LinkIT
Yao FL, Xia QQ, Zhang J, Yang HJ
Ying yong sheng tai xue bao = The journal of applied ecology, 2019