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Broader Terms:
   Poaceae (grass) 

More Specific:
   Achnatherum (needlegrass spp.) 
   Achnella (ricegrass) 
   Acrachne (goosegrass) 
   Aegilops (goatgrass) 
   Aegopogon (relaxgrass) 
   Agrestia (agrestia lichen) 
   Agropogon (agropogon) 
   Agropyron (other wheatgrasses) 
   Agrostis (bentgrass) 
   Agrostis alba gracilis 
   Aira (hairgrass) 
   Allolepis (Texas salt) 
   Alloteropsis (summergrass) 
   Alopecurus (foxtail) 
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Thinopyrum pycnanthum

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Common Names: grass, grass family, grasses, Süßgräser, graminées, Злаки, Buğdaygiller, graminées

1.  Profilin is a marker of severity in allergic respiratory diseases.LinkIT
Ruiz-Hornillos J, López-Matas MA, Berges Jimeno P, Henríquez A, Blanco S, Seoane-Rodríguez M, Mahíllo I, Carnés J
Allergy, 2019

2.  Molecular cytogenetics of valuable Arctic and sub-Arctic pasture grass species from the Aveneae/Poeae tribe complex (Poaceae).LinkIT
Amosova AV, Zoshchuk SA, Rodionov AV, Ghukasyan L, Samatadze TE, Punina EO, Loskutov IG, Yurkevich OY, Muravenko OV
BMC genetics, 2019

3.  An overview of acyclotides: Past, present and future.LinkIT
Tammineni R, Gulati P, Kumar S, Mohanty A
Phytochemistry, 2019

4.  The role of cell wall phenolics during the early remodelling of cellulose-deficient maize cells.LinkIT
Martínez-Rubio R, Centeno ML, García-Angulo P, Álvarez JM, Acebes JL, Encina A
Phytochemistry, 2019

5.  Stabilization of dhurrin biosynthetic enzymes from Sorghum bicolor using a natural deep eutectic solvent.LinkIT
Knudsen C, Bavishi K, Viborg KM, Drew DP, Simonsen HT, Motawia MS, Møller BL, Laursen T
Phytochemistry, 2019

6.  Stink Bugs Nymph and Adult Biology and Adult Preference on Cultivated Crop Plants in the Southern Brazilian Neotropics.LinkIT
Possebom T, Lucini T, Panizzi AR
Environmental entomology, 2019

7.  Expression analysis and functional characterization of two PHT1 family phosphate transporters in ryegrass.LinkIT
Parra-Almuna L, Pontigo S, Larama G, Cumming JR, Pérez-Tienda J, Ferrol N, de la Luz Mora M
Planta, 2019

8.  Mutagenesis in Rice: The Basis for Breeding a New Super Plant.LinkIT
Viana VE, Pegoraro C, Busanello C, Costa de Oliveira A
Frontiers in plant science, 2019

9.  Evolution of the Genes Encoding Effector Candidates Within Multiple Pathotypes of Magnaporthe oryzae.LinkIT
Kim KT, Ko J, Song H, Choi G, Kim H, Jeon J, Cheong K, Kang S, Lee YH
Frontiers in microbiology, 2019

10.  Modification by earthworms of effects of soil heterogeneity and root foraging in eight species of grass.LinkIT
Liu L, Alpert P, Dong BC, Yu FH
The Science of the total environment, 2019