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   Pipa pipa 

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   Anura (Frogs and Toads) 
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1.  How does the method change what we measure? Comparing virtual reality and text-based surveys for the assessment of moral decisions in traffic dilemmas.LinkIT
Sütfeld LR, Ehinger BV, König P, Pipa G
PloS one, 2019

2.  Metabolic impact of red blood cell exchange with rejuvenated red blood cells in sickle cell patients.LinkIT
Gehrke S, Shah N, Gamboni F, Kamyszek R, Srinivasan AJ, Gray A, Landrigan M, Welsby I, D'Alessandro A
Transfusion, 2019

3.  Atypicalities in sleep and semantic consolidation in autism.LinkIT
Fletcher FE, Knowland V, Walker S, Gaskell MG, Norbury C, Henderson LM
Developmental science, 2019

4.  Predicting early risk of chronic kidney disease in cats using routine clinical laboratory tests and machine learning.LinkIT
Bradley R, Tagkopoulos I, Kim M, Kokkinos Y, Panagiotakos T, Kennedy J, De Meyer G, Watson P, Elliott J
Journal of veterinary internal medicine, 2019

5.  Beer's Law-Why Integrated Absorbance Depends Linearly on Concentration.LinkIT
Mayerhöfer TG, Pipa AV, Popp J
Chemphyschem : a European journal of chemical physics and physical chemistry, 2019

6.  Detection of Salmonella pathogenicity island and Salmonella plasmid virulence genes in Salmonella Enteritidis originated from layer and broiler farms in Java Island.LinkIT
Andesfha E, Indrawati A, Mayasari NLPI, Rahayuningtyas I, Jusa I
Journal of advanced veterinary and animal research, 2019

7.  Evidence and patterns of tuna spawning inside a large no-take Marine Protected Area.LinkIT
Hernández CM, Witting J, Willis C, Thorrold SR, Llopiz JK, Rotjan RD
Scientific reports, 2019

8.  Erratum: "The simplest equivalent circuit of a pulsed dielectric barrier discharge and the determination of the gas gap charge transfer" [Rev. Sci. Instrum. 83, 115112 (2012)].LinkIT
Pipa AV, Koskulics J, Brandenburg R, Hoder T
The Review of scientific instruments, 2019

9.  Trends in Primary Proximal Interphalangeal Joint System and Revisions for Osteoarthritis of the Hand in the Medicare Database.LinkIT
Madden MO, Palmer JR, Ameri BJ, Vakharia RM, Landes J, Roche MW
Hand (New York, N.Y.), 2019

10.  Virulence Gene Distribution of Salmonella Pullorum Isolates Recovered from Chickens in China (1953-2015).LinkIT
Zhang D, Zhuang L, Wang C, Zhang P, Zhang T, Shao H, Han X, Gong J
Avian diseases, 2018