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1.  Longitudinal changes in the targets of chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) hunts at Mahale Mountains National Park: how and why did they begin to intensively hunt red colobus (Piliocolobus rufomitratus) in the 1980s?LinkIT
Hosaka K, Nakamura M, Takahata Y
Primates; journal of primatology, 2020

2.  Divergent Simian Arteriviruses Cause Simian Hemorrhagic Fever of Differing Severities in Macaques.LinkIT
Wahl-Jensen V, Johnson JC, Lauck M, Weinfurter JT, Moncla LH, Weiler AM, Charlier O, Rojas O, Byrum R, Ragland DR, Huzella L, Zommer E, Cohen M, Bernbaum JG, CaƬ Y, Sanford HB, Mazur S, Johnson RF, Qin J, Palacios GF, Bailey AL, Jahrling PB, Goldberg TL, O'Connor DH, Friedrich TC, Kuhn JH
mBio, 2016

3.  Redtail and red colobus monkeys show intersite urinary cortisol concentration variation in Kibale National Park, Uganda.LinkIT
Aronsen GP, Beuerlein MM, Watts DP, Bribiescas RG
Conservation physiology, 2015

4.  Beyond bushmeat: animal contact, injury, and zoonotic disease risk in Western Uganda.LinkIT
Paige SB, Frost SD, Gibson MA, Jones JH, Shankar A, Switzer WM, Ting N, Goldberg TL
EcoHealth, 2014

5.  Primate vaginal microbiomes exhibit species specificity without universal Lactobacillus dominance.LinkIT
Yildirim S, Yeoman CJ, Janga SC, Thomas SM, Ho M, Leigh SR, , White BA, Wilson BA, Stumpf RM
The ISME journal, 2014

6.  Coinfection of Ugandan red colobus (Procolobus [Piliocolobus] rufomitratus tephrosceles) with novel, divergent delta-, lenti-, and spumaretroviruses.LinkIT
Goldberg TL, Sintasath DM, Chapman CA, Cameron KM, Karesh WB, Tang S, Wolfe ND, Rwego IB, Ting N, Switzer WM
Journal of virology, 2009