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Common Names: phoronid worms, foronida, foronidei, phoronids, foronidas, phoronidiens, hufeisenwürmer, horseshoe worms, foronídeos

1.  Phylogenetics identifies two eumetazoan TRPM clades and an 8th TRP family, TRP soromelastatin (TRPS).LinkIT
Himmel NJ, Gray TR, Cox DN
Molecular biology and evolution, 2020

2.  Hox gene expression during development of the phoronid Phoronopsis harmeri.LinkIT
G?siorowski L, Hejnol A
EvoDevo, 2020

3.  Body cavities in bryozoans: Functional and phylogenetic implications.LinkIT
Shunatova N, Tamberg Y
Journal of morphology, 2019

4.  Myoanatomy of the phoronid Phoronis ovalis: functional and phylogenetic implications.LinkIT
Temereva EN
Zoology (Jena, Germany), 2019

5.  Newly Discovered Occurrences and Gene Tree of the Extracellular Globins and Linker Chains from the Giant Hexagonal Bilayer Hemoglobin in Metazoans.LinkIT
Belato FA, Schrago CG, Coates CJ, Halanych KM, Costa-Paiva EM
Genome biology and evolution, 2019

6.  A Microsporidian Infection in Phoronids (Phylum Phoronida): Microsporidium phoronidi n. sp. from a Phoronis embryolabi.LinkIT
Temereva EN, Sokolova YY
The Journal of eukaryotic microbiology, 2018

7.  Oogenesis in the viviparous phoronid, Phoronis embryolabi.LinkIT
Temereva EN
Journal of morphology, 2018

8.  Nemertean and phoronid genomes reveal lophotrochozoan evolution and the origin of bilaterian heads.LinkIT
Luo YJ, Kanda M, Koyanagi R, Hisata K, Akiyama T, Sakamoto H, Sakamoto T, Satoh N
Nature ecology & evolution, 2018

9.  Broad Phylogenetic Occurrence of the Oxygen-Binding Hemerythrins in Bilaterians.LinkIT
Costa-Paiva EM, Schrago CG, Halanych KM
Genome biology and evolution, 2017

10.  Ground plan of the larval nervous system in phoronids: Evidence from larvae of viviparous phoronid.LinkIT
Temereva EN
Evolution & development, 2017