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   Peltigera rufescens (felt lichen) 

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   Peltigera (felt lichen) 
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Common Names: felt lichen

1.  [Metabolites of Toxigenic Fungi in Lichens of the Genera Nephroma, Peltigera, Umbilicaria, and Xanthoria].LinkIT
Burkin AA, Kononenko GP
Izvestiia Akademii nauk. Seriia biologicheskaia, 2016

2.  High photobiont diversity in the common European soil crust lichen Psora decipiens.LinkIT
Ruprecht U, Brunauer G, Türk R
Biodiversity and conservation, 2014

3.  The advantage of growing on moss: facilitative effects on photosynthetic performance and growth in the cyanobacterial lichen Peltigera rufescens.LinkIT
Colesie C, Scheu S, Green TG, Weber B, Wirth R, Büdel B
Oecologia, 2012

4.  Role of Peltigera rufescens (Weis) Humb. (a lichen) on imazalil-induced genotoxicity: analysis of micronucleus and chromosome aberrations in vitro.LinkIT
Türkez H, Aydin E, Si?man T, Aslan A
Toxicology and industrial health, 2012

5.  Physiological effects of mercury in the lichens Cladonia arbuscula subsp. mitis (Sandst.) Ruoss and Peltigera rufescens (Weiss) Humb.LinkIT
Pisani T, Munzi S, Paoli L, Ba?kor M, Ková?ik J, Piovár J, Loppi S
Chemosphere, 2011

6.  Evaluation of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities of Peltigera rufescens lichen species in acute and chronic inflammation models.LinkIT
Tanas S, Odabasoglu F, Halici Z, Cakir A, Aygun H, Aslan A, Suleyman H
Journal of natural medicines, 2010

7.  Physiological adaptations in the lichens Peltigera rufescens and Cladina arbuscula var. mitis, and the moss Racomitrium lanuginosum to copper-rich substrate.LinkIT
Backor M, Klejdus B, Vantová I, Kovácik J
Chemosphere, 2009

8.  Antioxidant activity, reducing power and total phenolic content of some lichen species.LinkIT
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Fitoterapia, 2005

9.  New approach to an old problem: Incorporating signal from gap-rich regions of ITS and rDNA large subunit into phylogenetic analyses to resolve the Peltigera canina species complex.LinkIT
Miadlikowska J, Lutzoni F, Goward T, Zoller S, Posada D
Mycologia, 2012

10.  Electrophoretic variation in a population of the lichen Peltigera rufescens (Weis.) Mudd.LinkIT
Brown D, Cureton-Brown MM, Kershaw KA
The New phytologist, 1989