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   Carica parviflora 
   Papaya parviflora 
   Vasconcellea parviflora 

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Common Names: papayillo, yuca del campo, papaya de monte, coral

1.  Evidence for emergence of sex-determining gene(s) in a centromeric region in Vasconcellea parviflora.LinkIT
Iovene M, Yu Q, Ming R, Jiang J
Genetics, 2015

2.  Genetic diversity analysis in a set of Caricaceae accessions using resistance gene analogues.LinkIT
Sengupta S, Das B, Acharyya P, Prasad M, Ghose TK
BMC genetics, 2014

3.  Isolation and Characterisation of PRSV-P Resistance Genes in Carica and Vasconcellea.LinkIT
Razean Haireen MR, Drew RA
International journal of genomics, 2014

4.  The origin of the non-recombining region of sex chromosomes in Carica and Vasconcellea.LinkIT
Wu X, Wang J, Na JK, Yu Q, Moore RC, Zee F, Huber SC, Ming R
The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology, 2010

5.  Development of a codominant CAPS marker linked to PRSV-P resistance in highland papaya.LinkIT
Dillon S, Ramage C, Ashmore S, Drew RA
TAG. Theoretical and applied genetics. Theoretische und angewandte Genetik, 2006

6.  Molecular phylogeny and evolution of Caricaceae based on rDNA internal transcribed spacers and chloroplast sequence data.LinkIT
Kyndt T, Van Droogenbroeck B, Romeijn-Peeters E, Romero-Motochi JP, Scheldeman X, Goetghebeur P, Van Damme P, Gheysen G
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2005