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   Papaver rhoeas (corn poppy) 

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   Papaver (poppy) 
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Common Names: corn poppy, Field Poppy, tadjibout, Flanders poppy, Red Poppy, benâman, rosolaccio, kornvallmo, aegiaphyonkkot, Shirley Poppy, Amapola, papavero salvatico, klaproos, ben na'aman

1.  Effect of pathogen virulence on pathogenicity, host range and reproduction of Plasmodiophora brassicae, the causal agent of clubroot disease.LinkIT
Zamani-Noor N, Brand S, Soechting HP
Plant disease, 2021

2.  A new minisatellite VNTR marker, Pscp1, discovered for the identification of opium poppy.LinkIT
Chang M, Lee EJ, Kim JY, Lee H, Choe S, Moon S
Forensic science international. Genetics, 2021

3.  [Genetic diversity of protopine-6-hydroxylase in three medicinal Papaver plants].LinkIT
Wu TH, Zhou JH, Zhao YY, Wei YJ, Chen F, Gong YF, Yuan Y, Huang LQ
Zhongguo Zhong yao za zhi = Zhongguo zhongyao zazhi = China journal of Chinese materia medica, 2021

4.  Mesostructured Silica-Coated Magnetic Nanoparticles to Extract Six Opium Alkaloids in Poppy Seeds Prior to Ultra-High-Performance Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Analysis.LinkIT
Casado-Hidalgo G, Pérez-Quintanilla D, Morante-Zarcero S, Sierra I
Foods (Basel, Switzerland), 2021

5.  Antioxidant and Cytoprotective Properties of Plant Extract from Dry Flowers as Functional Dyes for Cosmetic Products.LinkIT
Bujak T, Zagórska-Dziok M, Ziemlewska A, Nizio?-?ukaszewska Z, Wasilewski T, Hordyjewicz-Baran Z
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 2021

6.  Cytochrome P450 metabolism-based herbicide resistance to imazamox and 2,4-D in Papaver rhoeas.LinkIT
Torra J, Rojano-Delgado AM, Menéndez J, Salas M, de Prado R
Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB, 2021

7.  First Report of Golovinomyces orontii Causing Hydrangea macrophylla Powdery Mildew in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China.LinkIT
Fang T, Shang W, Bai L, Ya N, Duo J, Ma Y
Plant disease, 2021

8.  Highly different flavonol content explains geographic variations in the UV reflecting properties of flowers of the corn poppy, Papaver rhoeas (Papaveraceae).LinkIT
Dudek B, Schneider B, Hilger HH, Stavenga DG, Martínez-Harms J
Phytochemistry, 2020

9.  Physiological Approach to the Use of the Natural Compound Quinate in the Control of Sensitive and Resistant Papaver rhoeas.LinkIT
Zabalza A, Zulet-González A, Barco-Antoñanzas M, Eceiza MV, Gil-Monreal M, Royuela M
Plants (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

10.  Enhanced UV-Reflection Facilitated a Shift in the Pollination System of the Red Poppy, Papaver rhoeas (Papaveraceae).LinkIT
Martínez-Harms J, Hadar R, Márquez N, Menzel R, Shmida A, Stavenga DG, Vorobyev M
Plants (Basel, Switzerland), 2020