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   Pollachius pollachius (Paloco) 

   Gadus pollachius 
   Pollachius pollachius (Lythe) 

Broader Terms:
   Gadiformes (gadiforms) 
   Gadus (common codfishes) 
   Pollachius (pollocks) 
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Gadus pollachius
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1.  Does Pigment Incorporation into Regular Composite Resins for Posterior Buildups Alter Their Bond Strength?LinkIT
Dias FA, Conto MVR, Guiraldo RD, Geha O, Paloco EAC, Fernandes TMF, Berger SB
Brazilian dental journal, 2020

2.  Effect of two processing techniques used to manufacture lithium disilicate ceramics on the degree of conversion and microshear bond strength of resin cement.LinkIT
Drumond AC, Paloco EA, Berger SB, González AH, Carreira AJ, D'Alpino PH, Tonetto MR, Souza LA, Guiraldo RD
Acta odontologica latinoamericana : AOL, 2020

3.  Effectiveness of Toothpaste Containing REFIX Technology against Dentin Hypersensitivity: A Randomized Clinical Study.LinkIT
Vilhena FV, Polassi MR, Paloco EA, Alonso RC, Guiraldo RD, D'Alpino PH
The journal of contemporary dental practice, 2020

4.  Evaluation of bond strength of dual resin cements to CAD/CAM-created lithium disilicate ceramic.LinkIT
Sczepanski F, Brunnquell CR, Berger SB, Paloco EA, Lopes MB, Drumond AC, González AH, Guiraldo RD
Minerva stomatologica, 2020

5.  Microplastic ingestion by fish: Body size, condition factor and gut fullness are not related to the amount of plastics consumed.LinkIT
de Vries AN, Govoni D, Árnason SH, Carlsson P
Marine pollution bulletin, 2020

6.  Effects of sound exposure from a seismic airgun on heart rate, acceleration and depth use in free-swimming Atlantic cod and saithe.LinkIT
Davidsen JG, Dong H, Linné M, Andersson MH, Piper A, Prystay TS, Hvam EB, Thorstad EB, Whoriskey F, Cooke SJ, Sjursen AD, Rønning L, Netland TC, Hawkins AD
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7.  Persistent differences between coastal and offshore kelp forest communities in a warming Gulf of Maine.LinkIT
Witman JD, Lamb RW
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8.  DNA barcoding coupled to HRM analysis as a new and simple tool for the authentication of Gadidae fish species.LinkIT
Fernandes TJR, Costa J, Oliveira MBPP, Mafra I
Food chemistry, 2017

9.  Nutritional and functional properties of fishmeal produced from fresh by-products of cod (Gadus morhua L.) and saithe (Pollachius virens).LinkIT
Ween O, Stangeland JK, Fylling TS, Aas GH
Heliyon, 2017

10.  Ræstur fiskur: air-dried fermented fish the Faroese way.LinkIT
Svanberg I
Journal of ethnobiology and ethnomedicine, 2015