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   Palinurus elephas (common spiny lobster) 

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   Decapoda (crayfishes) 
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Common Names: Langosta común, common spiny lobster, Lagosta vulgar, Lagosta castanha, Europæsk languster, Langouste rouge, Langoest, Aragosta mediterranea, Europäische Languste

1.  Ontogenetic trophic segregation between two threatened smooth-hound sharks in the Central Mediterranean Sea.LinkIT
Di Lorenzo M, Vizzini S, Signa G, Andolina C, Boscolo Palo G, Gristina M, Mazzoldi C, Colloca F
Scientific reports, 2020

2.  Spiny lobster sounds can be detectable over kilometres underwater.LinkIT
Jézéquel Y, Chauvaud L, Bonnel J
Scientific reports, 2020

3.  European spiny lobster recovery from overfishing enhanced through active restocking in Fully Protected Areas.LinkIT
Cau A, Bellodi A, Cannas R, Fois M, Guidetti P, Moccia D, Porcu C, Pusceddu A, Follesa MC
Scientific reports, 2019

4.  A histological atlas for the Palinuridae (Crustacea: Decapoda: Achelata): A guide to parasite discovery and spotting the abnormal in spiny lobsters.LinkIT
Ross EP, Behringer DC, Muñoz A, Díaz D, Bojko J
Journal of invertebrate pathology, 2019

5.  Comparing the catch composition, profitability and discard survival from different trammel net designs targeting common spiny lobster (Palinurus elephas) in a Mediterranean fishery.LinkIT
Catanese G, Hinz H, Gil MDM, Palmer M, Breen M, Mira A, Pastor E, Grau A, Campos-Candela A, Koleva E, Grau AM, Morales-Nin B
PeerJ, 2018

6.  Performance of baited underwater video: does it underestimate abundance at high population densities?LinkIT
Stobart B, Díaz D, Álvarez F, Alonso C, Mallol S, Goñi R
PloS one, 2015

7.  Behavioural and biochemical stress responses of Palinurus elephas after exposure to boat noise pollution in tank.LinkIT
Filiciotto F, Vazzana M, Celi M, Maccarrone V, Ceraulo M, Buffa G, Di Stefano V, Mazzola S, Buscaino G
Marine pollution bulletin, 2014

8.  Comparative cytogenetics in four species of Palinuridae: B chromosomes, ribosomal genes and telomeric sequences.LinkIT
Salvadori S, Coluccia E, Deidda F, Cau A, Cannas R, Deiana AM
Genetica, 2012

9.  Detecting immigrants in a highly genetically homogeneous spiny lobster population (Palinurus elephas) in the northwest Mediterranean Sea.LinkIT
Elphie H, Raquel G, David D, Serge P
Ecology and evolution, 2012

10.  Population structure, demographic history, and selective processes: contrasting evidences from mitochondrial and nuclear markers in the European spiny lobster Palinurus elephas (Fabricius, 1787).LinkIT
Babbucci M, Buccoli S, Cau A, Cannas R, Goñi R, Díaz D, Marcato S, Zane L, Patarnello T
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2010