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   Orchidaceae (Orchids) 

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1.  Phylogenomics of Orchidaceae based on plastid and mitochondrial genomes.LinkIT
Li YX, Li ZH, Schuiteman A, Chase MW, Li JW, Huang WC, Hidayat A, Wu SS, Jin XH
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2019

2.  Molecular systematics of Goodyerinae (Cranichideae, Orchidoideae, Orchidaceae) based on multiple nuclear and plastid regions.LinkIT
Chen SP, Tian HZ, Guan QX, Zhai JW, Zhang GQ, Chen LJ, Liu ZJ, Lan SR, Li MH
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2019

3.  Comparative anatomical properties of some Epidendroideae and Orchidoideae species distributed in NE Turkey.LinkIT
?enel G, Akbulut MK, Süngü ?eker ?
Protoplasma, 2019

4.  The MADS-box genes expressed in the inflorescence of Orchis italica (Orchidaceae).LinkIT
Valoroso MC, Censullo MC, Aceto S
PloS one, 2019

5.  Monocot plastid phylogenomics, timeline, net rates of species diversification, the power of multi-gene analyses, and a functional model for the origin of monocots.LinkIT
Givnish TJ, Zuluaga A, Spalink D, Soto Gomez M, Lam VKY, Saarela JM, Sass C, Iles WJD, de Sousa DJL, Leebens-Mack J, Chris Pires J, Zomlefer WB, Gandolfo MA, Davis JI, Stevenson DW, dePamphilis C, Specht CD, Graham SW, Barrett CF, Ané C
American journal of botany, 2018

6.  Molecular Evolution of Chloroplast Genomes of Orchid Species: Insights into Phylogenetic Relationship and Adaptive Evolution.LinkIT
Dong WL, Wang RN, Zhang NY, Fan WB, Fang MF, Li ZH
International journal of molecular sciences, 2018

7.  Phylogenetics of subtribe Orchidinae s.l. (Orchidaceae; Orchidoideae) based on seven markers (plastid matK, psaB, rbcL, trnL-F, trnH-psba, and nuclear nrITS, Xdh): implications for generic delimitation.LinkIT
Jin WT, Schuiteman A, Chase MW, Li JW, Chung SW, Hsu TC, Jin XH
BMC plant biology, 2017

8.  Spiranthes himalayensis (Orchidaceae, Orchidoideae) a new species from Asia.LinkIT
Surveswaran S, Kumar P, Sun M
PhytoKeys, 2017

9.  The Apostasia genome and the evolution of orchids.LinkIT
Zhang GQ, Liu KW, Li Z, Lohaus R, Hsiao YY, Niu SC, Wang JY, Lin YC, Xu Q, Chen LJ, Yoshida K, Fujiwara S, Wang ZW, Zhang YQ, Mitsuda N, Wang M, Liu GH, Pecoraro L, Huang HX, Xiao XJ, Lin M, Wu XY, Wu WL, Chen YY, Chang SB, Sakamoto S, Ohme-Takagi M, Yagi M, Zeng SJ, Shen CY, Yeh CM, Luo YB, Tsai WC, Van de Peer Y, Liu ZJ
Nature, 2017

10.  A taxonomic revision of Herminium L. (Orchidoideae, Orchidaceae).LinkIT
Raskoti BB, Schuiteman A, Jin WT, Jin XH
PhytoKeys, 2017