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Broader Terms:
   Liliaceae (lily) 

More Specific:
   Ophiopogon albimarginatus 
   Ophiopogon amblyphyllus 
   Ophiopogon angustifoliatus 
   Ophiopogon bockianus 
   Ophiopogon bodinieri 
   Ophiopogon brevipes 
   Ophiopogon caulescens 
   Ophiopogon chingii 
   Ophiopogon clarkei 
   Ophiopogon clavatus 
   Ophiopogon confertifolius 
   Ophiopogon cordylinoides 
   Ophiopogon corifolius 
   Ophiopogon dracaenoides 
   Ophiopogon filipes 
   Ophiopogon fooningensis 
   Ophiopogon grandis 
   Ophiopogon heterandrus 
   Ophiopogon hongjiangensis 
   Ophiopogon humilis 
   Ophiopogon intermedius 
   Ophiopogon jaburan (Giant Lily Turf) 
   Ophiopogon japonicum 
   Ophiopogon japonicus (dwarf lilyturf) 
   Ophiopogon jiangchengensis 
   Ophiopogon kradungensis 
   Ophiopogon latifolius 
   Ophiopogon leptophyllus 
   Ophiopogon longifolius 
   Ophiopogon lushuiensis 
   Ophiopogon mairei 
   Ophiopogon malcolmsonii 
   Ophiopogon marmoratus 
   Ophiopogon megalanthus 
   Ophiopogon menglianensis 
   Ophiopogon micranthus 
   Ophiopogon minor 
   Ophiopogon motouensis 
   Ophiopogon multiflorus 
   Ophiopogon paniculatus 
   Ophiopogon peliosanthoides 
   Ophiopogon pierrei 
   Ophiopogon pingbienensis 
   Ophiopogon planiscapus (Black Mondo Grass) 
   Ophiopogon platyphyllus 
   Ophiopogon pseudotonkinensis 
   Ophiopogon regnieri 
   Ophiopogon reptans 
   Ophiopogon reversus 
   Ophiopogon revolutus 
   Ophiopogon sar-garhwalensis 
   Ophiopogon sarmentosus 
   Ophiopogon siamensis 
   Ophiopogon sinensis 
   Ophiopogon sparsiflorus 
   Ophiopogon spicatus 
   Ophiopogon stenophyllus 
   Ophiopogon subverticillatus 
   Ophiopogon sylvicola 
   Ophiopogon szechuanensis 
   Ophiopogon tienensis 
   Ophiopogon tonkinensis 
   Ophiopogon tsaii 
   Ophiopogon umbraticola 
   Ophiopogon vietnamensis 
   Ophiopogon wallichianus 
   Ophiopogon xylorrhizus 
   Ophiopogon yunnanensis 
   Ophiopogon zingiberaceus 
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Ophiopogon jaburan
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Common Names: ophiopogon

1.  Janohigenins: Long-chain anacardic acid derivatives with neuroprotective activity from Ophiopogon japonicus seeds.LinkIT
Ohta S, Takeda M, Ohta E, Nehira T, Ômura H, Uy MM, Ishihara Y
Phytochemistry, 2021

2.  Spirostane saponins with a rearranged A/B ring system isolated from the rhizomes of Ophiopogon japonicus.LinkIT
Liu B, Li B, Chen G, Pan Y, Zhou D, Li N
Phytochemistry, 2021

3.  Clinical Effect Analysis of Laparoscopic Surgery for Gastric Tumor under Data Mining.LinkIT
Huang L, Guo J, Yin B, Zeng Y, Li N
Journal of healthcare engineering, 2021

4.  Author Correction: 58-F, a flavanone from Ophiopogon japonicus, prevents hepatocyte death by decreasing lysosomal membrane permeability.LinkIT
Yan X, Ye T, Hu X, Zhao P, Wang X
Scientific reports, 2021

5.  [Active components and action mechanism of Shenmai Injection in treatment of atrial fibrillation based on network pharmacology and molecular docking].LinkIT
Wang YX, Liu P, Li T, Qin XH, Zheng QS
Zhongguo Zhong yao za zhi = Zhongguo zhongyao zazhi = China journal of Chinese materia medica, 2021

6.  First report of black spot on Ophiopogon japonicus caused by Alternaria alternata in Zhejiang Province, China.LinkIT
Xu Y, Cao Z, Yang Y, Tang J, Song Y, Shentu X, Yu X
Plant disease, 2021

7.  Ophiopogonin B induces reactive oxygen species?dependent apoptosis through the Hippo pathway in nasopharyngeal carcinoma.LinkIT
Dong W, Dong Q, Ding H
Molecular medicine reports, 2021

8.  [Effects of ophiopogonin D on fatty acid metabolic enzymes in cardiomyocytes].LinkIT
Tang XL, Lin Y, Wang YG, Gao Y
Zhongguo Zhong yao za zhi = Zhongguo zhongyao zazhi = China journal of Chinese materia medica, 2021

9.  First report of Meloidogyne arenaria infecting Maidong (Ophiopogon japonicus) in China.LinkIT
Wu W, Ye K, Wang ZH, Guo L, Zhu SS, Wang Y, He X
Plant disease, 2021

10.  The Role of Ophiopogonin D in Atherosclerosis: Impact on Lipid Metabolism and Gut Microbiota.LinkIT
Zhang YX, Qu SS, Zhang LH, Gu YY, Chen YH, Huang ZY, Liu MH, Zou W, Jiang J, Chen JQ, Wang YJ, Zhou FH
The American journal of Chinese medicine, 2021