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Broader Terms:
   Felidae (cats) 

More Specific:
   Neofelis nebulosa (clouded leopard) 
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Neofelis nebulosa
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External Resources:

1.  Serological evidence of influenza virus infection in captive wild felids, Thailand.LinkIT
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2.  Analysis of metabolic flux in felid spermatozoa using metabolomics and 13C-based fluxomics?.LinkIT
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3.  Assessing the spatiotemporal interactions of mesopredators in Sumatra's tropical rainforest.LinkIT
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4.  Simulating impacts of rapid forest loss on population size, connectivity and genetic diversity of Sunda clouded leopards (Neofelis diardi) in Borneo.LinkIT
Macdonald EA, Cushman SA, Landguth EL, Hearn AJ, Malhi Y, Macdonald DW
PloS one, 2018

5.  Directional selection in the evolution of elongated upper canines in clouded leopards and sabre-toothed cats.LinkIT
Harano T, Kutsukake N
Journal of evolutionary biology, 2018

6.  Down from the treetops: red langur (Presbytis rubicunda) terrestrial behavior.LinkIT
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7.  Identifying important conservation areas for the clouded leopard Neofelis nebulosa in a mountainous landscape: Inference from spatial modeling techniques.LinkIT
Penjor U, Macdonald DW, Wangchuk S, Tandin T, Tan CKW
Ecology and evolution, 2018

8.  Chemical immobilization of free-ranging and captive Sunda clouded leopards (Neofelis diardi) with two anesthetic protocols: medetomidine-ketamine and tiletamine-zolazepam.LinkIT
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10.  How individual links affect network stability in a large-scale, heterogeneous metacommunity.LinkIT
Brodie JF, Mohd-Azlan J, Schnell JK
Ecology, 2016